Black Rainbow
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Black Rainbow 

Discover Black Rainbow Deluxe, a hidden object struggle in the jungle! Adventurer Helen Stone finds herself trapped in a burning village in the jungle with a broken plane and no chance of rescue. Travel through the dark forests and uncover an evil darkness that threatens anyone around it. Will you restore balance and escape the jungle? Find out as you play Black Rainbow Deluxe today!

  • find a way to escape the jungle in this dark hidden object game
  • explore beautifully designed hidden object locations
  • search for useful items to solve challenging mini-games and puzzles
  • discover achievements for solving puzzles without skipping them, finding all hidden skulls, and more
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Reviews of Black Rainbow
 | Added on: February 2, 2015
I decided to try this one since it was not previously rated or reviewed. According to the forum apparently a lot of people had trouble loading. I had no problem and after the opening scene loaded the game ran flawlessly. It is definitely more adventure than HOG aka Nancy Drew. You find things along your journey and in some cases have to combine items to acquire the objects to move forward. Pretty easy to follow but has a good map to "teleport" you if you get stuck. Lot's of pretty basic minigames. Some crazy looking characters but good voiceovers and correct English! Although I was initially disappointed that it wasn't a straight HOG I enjoyed it once I got the hang of what to do.
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