9 Clues - The Secret of Serpent Creek 

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9 Clues - The Secret of Serpent Creek Stats
  • Enjoy the detailed creatively realistic art style in 40 locations.
  • Follow the mysterious crime storyline set in 1950s America.
  • Challenge yourself with clever and unique mini-games and puzzles.
  • Put together clues in a variety of crime scenes and garner 19 achievements.

Game Description

Helen Hunter the famous journalist has gone missing while covering the Serpent Festival at Serpent Creek. What evil clutches this coastal town, crippling the townspeople? As Helen's friend and paranormal detective, you must discover the secrets of Serpent Creek in 9 Clues – The Secret of Serpent Creek, a chilling hidden object mystery colored by horror elements and the easy-victim innocence of 1950s America.

You arrive in the strange town in the dark of night looking for a hotel, and what you find sends you on a trail of clues right from the start. What strange reptilian creature is that you see over the body of an unconscious man? Discover suspicious clues, crack codes, pick locks, and solve clever puzzles to bring the mystery to light.

Keep your wits about you, encounter strange characters, and stretch your creativity when you play the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of 9 Clues – The Secret of Serpent Creek today!