2 Tasty Too 

 2 Tasty Too
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2 Tasty Too Stats
  • Enjoy a fantastic blend of Hidden Object and Time Management romance.
  • Search for ingredients to cook Italian, Japanese, Vegetarian, and more meals.
  • Play extra mini-games and earn rewarding trophies.
  • Discover tasty recipes and use them in your own kitchen.

Game Description

Take your talents to the culinary capital of the world in 2 Tasty Too, a scrumptious sequel to the hit game.

Shortly after winning their dream vacation to the world's culinary capital, Libby and Cole run into the suave and articulate Matthieu, who just happens to know the ins and outs of their dessert-filled destination. This puts Cole at a disadvantage with Libby, who was hoping for a more intimate getaway, but things have a habit of working out in this most romantic of destinations.

Travel throughout Paris and follow Libby on this thrilling new adventure. Learn to prepare all-new dishes in fun French restaurants that serve Japanese, Vegetarian, Italian and more. Search for ingredients on the shelves to cook up and serve. Use kitchen appliances to dice up greens, bake buns and cook tasty cakes. The faster you prepare, the more money you'll earn to purchase new equipment. Play fun mini-games, earn rewarding trophies, and discover fun recipes.

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