1001 Jigsaw Earth Chronicles
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1001 Jigsaw Earth Chronicles 

Beautiful, natural images with boxful after boxful of puzzle challenge for all ages. Open this treasure of jigsaw puzzles and piece together hundreds of beautiful natural images in 1001 Jigsaw – Earth Chronicles.

Make images of item in nature, including animal, plants & flowers, landscapes & coastal scenes, mountains & canyons, and more in 1001 gorgeous photo images. Customize your puzzle experience to suit your tastes. Change up your level of challenge by choosing the number of puzzle pieces and the type of cut. Use the Ghost, Border, and Sort functions for different strategic approaches to your puzzling.

Explore the natural world and enjoy over 100 hours of jigsaw puzzle fun when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version 1001 Jigsaw – Earth Chronicles today!

  • Piece together 1001 beautiful, natural images.
  • Enjoy more than 100 hours of gameplay.
  • Change the number of pieces to determine an appropriate difficulty level.
  • Collect trophies and achievements.
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Reviews of 1001 Jigsaw Earth Chronicles
 | Added on: January 20, 2016
I found this jigsaw puzzle very good, if you like jigsaw puzzles. A wonderful variety of animals and flowers and landscapes. Always something different.
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