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Get furry with fur ball games at GameHouse! Are you a sucker for all things cute and cuddly? You will be after playing a plethora of high quality download fur ball games and online fur ball games today.

Are you a fan of Bejeweled? Then meet the fuzzy characters of Chuzzle Deluxe from the makers of the beloved Bejeweled games. They're funny little fur balls that act as your playing pieces for dozens of match-making levels that you can't resist. Watch them squirm, squeak, and sneeze while you shuffle them around the board. Chuzzle Deluxe is delightful game for people of every age.

For a charming storyline, help the fuzzy friends of Emerald Tale make their way through a magical puzzle adventure. Advance through 100 levels of match making challenges while gathering hidden treasures that'll help give you a leg up. You'll learn more about the fairy tale land along the way and discover the magic that is the Emerald Tale. This and many more fantastic download and online fur ball games await you at GameHouse.

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