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Help save the planet with the best free Environment games at GameHouse! Do you worry about your carbon footprint? Are you concerned with the future of the rainforests? Do you strive to be green? play Environment games at GameHouse and save the world from your computer!

In Eco Match, it’s keen to be green! Only you can save earth by fighting pollution, rebuilding the forests and protect the endangered animals. Play this fun and educational puzzle game today!

Put your green thumb to use in Plan it Green! Help rebuild Greenville into a beautiful, environmentally friendly community. Build your own utopia exactly the way you want it!

The rainforests are disappearing and you can help save them in EcoRescue – Project Rainforest. Be part of the eco-team and fight pollution and deforestation. Travel the world to the most beautiful locations around the globe. You will learn how fun it can be to save the rainforests and the animals that call it home!

Appreciate the beauty of Earth and put together the most breath-taking photographs in Jigsaw Puzzle Nature Edition. There are 50 amazing images to choose from so relax and have fun putting together the stunning pictures of nature.

See how fun it is to go green with the huge selection of online Environment games at GameHouse!

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