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Get star struck with the best astrological games at GameHouse! Are you addicted to reading astrological signs? Do you dream of beautiful constellations and getting lost in orbit? Turn your dreams into reality and play a variety of high quality download astrological games and online astrological games today.

Love star gazing and puzzle games? Get lost in the beauty of Cosmic Stacker! It's the perfect way to indulge in a gaming getaway. Get lost in the gorgeous graphics of the cosmic universe. With dozens of levels of invigorating puzzles, Cosmic Stacker will keep you coming back for more.

Looking for more adventure? Let the stars guide your way home in Gemini Lost. After stumbling upon an ancient astrological site, you suddenly find yourself transported to a strange new world. Now you must lead you and your friends to find 12 Zodiac signs in order to find your way back home. In this fantastic time management game, you'll discover mystical things about this astrological world while foraging for food and finding shelter. Puzzle through fun-filled games to acquire new skills, upgrade your tools, and unlock the astrological preferences of the growing population around you. Gemini Lost is a stunning simulation game that will leave you lost in the stars! Play these and many more astrological games at GameHouse.

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