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Enjoy spectacular scenery today with free landscape games from GameHouse! Do you enjoy the beautiful outdoors? Then play our landscape games and run in the wild. Play the best landscape games at GameHouse and take in the scenery!

Do you enjoy mountains, oceans and canyons? Then play Super Jigsaw Landscapes, a jigsaw game with a variety of different sceneries for you to enjoy. Escape your day-to-day life and get a peak of the greatest scenery in the world! Enjoy unlimited play, up to 520 piece puzzles and piece rotation when playing this great jigsaw game. With hundreds of puzzles to choose from, the possibilities are endless and the fun never stops! Play Super Jigsaw Landscapes today and enjoy the view!

Escape from the gloomy seasons with Super Jigsaw Boats, and explore one last day of summer. Hang up your raincoat and enjoy a little bit of sunshine. Challenge yourself with as little as 4 to over 1000 pieces! Select a quaint gondola, a fabulous yacht or even a luxurious cruise liner as you travel up and down coasts through beautiful scenery. Play Super Jigsaw Boats today!

Enjoy scenic landscapes today!

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