Jewel Quest Solitaire games

Is solitaire one of your favorite games? Then discover the Jewel Quest Solitaire series. These games have both an exciting story and challenging solitaire tasks. The Jewel Quest Solitaire series contains three different games with each their own charms and qualities. They have one thing in common: the fun challenges and tasks. Play them all and choose your favorite one! Jewel Quest Solitaire

Of course you’re going to start the Jewel Quest Solitaire games with the first chapter! This way you’ll get to know the games perfectly and you’ll know what they’re about. Jewel Quest Solitaire contains 114 challenging levels and a lovely mix of Jewel Quest and solitaire. By completing the many solitaire tasks you’ll get deeper and deeper in the South-American jungle. Here you’ll search for treasures that make you rich. Enthusiastic yet? Play the exciting first chapter now!

Jewel Quest Solitaire II

Did you enjoy the first chapter of the Jewel Quest Solitaire games? Then Jewel Quest Solitaire II should be the next game on your list! In this sequel you need to help Emma with the search for her husband, who’s gone missing in Uganda. By performing lots of solitaire tasks in over 100 levels you’re able to find clues. This second chapter has even more fun mini-games than the first one. Be careful not to get lost in the jungle!

Jewel Quest Solitaire III

You can call yourself a true Jewel Quest Solitaire master when you’ve played the first two Jewel Quest Solitaire games! Jewel Quest Solitaire III is the next successful chapter and full of brand-new challenges. In this sequel you follow the Jewel Quest heroes Emma and Rupert, who are determined to help an old friend out. Their friend Ratu has discovered a mysterious treasure in an ancient ruin, but he’s chased by a dangerous group of people. Rescue Ratu now and prepare for an incredible adventure!

Are you a huge fan of solitaire and Jewel Quest? Play the Jewel Quest Solitaire games and enjoy a perfect mix of both of them!

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