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Create a world of fun with brilliant invention games from GameHouse. You'll find a variety of challenging online invention games in our extensive catalog. You can also download invention games and play them anytime you want!

Travel through time on your search for a missing birthday party in The Clumsys. It's Tim's tenth birthday and his Grandfather, a noted inventor, invites his grandson to his farm for a celebration. But, when he turns his back, Tim and his mischievous friends sneak into the barn and discover the latest invention - a time machine! Now, 20 kids are lost in time and it's up to you to bring them back. Search historical eras for hidden traces of the children, pick up the messy inconsistencies that have occurred and reassemble the many gadgets Grandpa has invented.

Help Laura Jones uncover the secrets of one of the world’s greatest inventors in Laura Jones and the Secret Legacy of Nikola Tesla. In this exciting hidden object adventure, Laura discovers an old box holds the clues to the location of Tesla's ultimate invention: a device capable of ridding the world of its energy problems. It’s up to you to find Tesla's great invention before it falls into the wrong hands. Experience Nikola Tesla's wonderful world of inventive fun today!

Only a few Sprouts remain and they are in need of your help in Sprouts Adventure! Use your powers to guide them to their once peaceful and prosperous life. Fulfill wishes, invent wonderful toys to play with and help them rebuild their amazing land! The happier you can keep your Sprouts, the more productive their community will be!

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