Guide to downloading & playing games

Downloading and playing games from GameHouse is easy, but there are a few differences if you're coming from RealArcade.

Take a moment to read the instructions below. Or, get help in our support forums or in our Help section.

Finding and playing your games
RealArcade users:

Open the Start menu, select: All Programs » Real » Games.

GameHouse users:

Open the Start menu, select: All Programs » GameHouse.

Don't see your games? Go to your profile page and redownload them for free.

Note: Any game you redownload from can be found in the Start menu under All Programs » GameHouse.

Downloading and playing games on GameHouse
  1. Select the Download Games tab at the top of
  2. Browse your favorite genres, see our top 100 games, or search for a specific title.
  3. Click the Download Game button next to the game, or the Download FREE button on the details page. (Note to RealArcade users: the Download Game button doesn't change to Play Now on the product details page.)
  1. Your web browser may prompt you to choose a location. If possible, click the Run or Open button, and your installation will begin immediately. Otherwise, click OK to save the game install file to your desktop.
  2. Locate the game install file on your computer, and open it (double-click the icon).
  1. Follow the installation instructions provided.
  2. The game launcher will load automatically after installation. To access your game later, open the Start menu, select All Programs » GameHouse, then select the game.

Using the new game launcher

The game launcher allows you to play, purchase, and register your GameHouse game from the desktop.

  • When you launch a game by double-clicking the game icon on your desktop, you'll see the game launcher.
  • The Free Trial tab will show you how many minutes remain in the demo version. Click the "Play Now" button to launch the game.
  • The Buy Now button will take you right to checkout so you can purchase the full version and get back to playing.
  • After you've purchased a game, select the Register Game tab and log in to validate your copy.
  • Are you a FunPass member? Log in under the FunPass tab to get unlimited play of the game.
Helpful buttons
Download Game button

Download the game installer.

Mac Download button

Download the Mac game installer.

Online Play button

Play the online version of the game.

Mac version

Visit the details page for the Mac version of the current game.

Web version

Visit the details page for the online version of the game.

PC version

Visit the details page for the PC version of the current game.

Downloading vs. online play

Downloading a free trial or purchasing a game allows you to play the game on your desktop at any time. With downloaded games, you'll get more levels, full-screen play, and the ability to save your games.

Online games allow you to play a game online for free without having to download or install the game files.