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Play free housekeeping games today! Are you up for the challenge of keeping up a hectic household? If yes, then play free housekeeping games at GameHouse today! Take control of the kids and clean up huge messes in different homes. Let's see if you have what it takes to keep these houses in order with free housekeeping games from GameHouse.

Play Nanny Mania 2 and follow Nanny from her small town adventures onto her search for messier challenges. Nanny is on the hunt for a Hollywood couple with a growing family to care for. Help her keep order in a bigger and more complex housekeeping job. This time around, not only does Nanny have to keep up with the kids, keep food in the house, do the laundry and keep the home from turning into chaos, but now Nanny has to keep the paparazzi away. Play Nanny Mania 2 today and see if you can make it in Hollywood!

Tidy up the house and make sure the kids are in bed before the parents come home in Babysitting Mania! In this game you will have to clean up after some wild kids and make sure they behave while the parents are out. Can you discipline these kids with "time-outs" and get everything settled before the grown-ups return. Play Babysitting Mania today if you’re up for a challenge!

Sweep up some free housekeeping fun today!

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