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Save the world of fun with the best free hero games at GameHouse. Have you ever wanted to rub shoulders with champions of ancient Greece or save the world from impending doom? Now is your chance! Play a variety of high quality fun download hero games and online hero games today.

Hop into your space fighter, fire up the engines, and buckle up with Astrobatics, an adrenaline-pumping action game. As an elite pilot you have been selected to engage in a deadly battle with a merciless enemy. Collect weapon upgrades and earn super bonuses to stay alive for as long as you can but be warned: only the most nimble and agile fighters will return. Featuring stunning graphics, thrilling sounds, and arcade style fun, Astrobatics is your chance to shine.

The scepter of Zeus has been stolen and it’s up to you to retrieve it! Step up to the challenge in Heroes of Hellas, a mythical match 3 adventure. But thankfully you’re not alone in this challenge, along the way you will be joined by legends of Greek mythology, including Hercules, Perseus, and more! With tons of brain-bending levels, nine intriguing myths, and a breath-taking wallpaper up for grabs, Heroes of Hellas is the stuff of legends. Or embark on an adventure to the old Wild West with Westward II—Heroes of the Frontier. Ration resources, deal with natural disasters, and bring a bandit to justice as you lead your settlers to safety and prosperity. Play these and many more free hero games and online hero games at GameHouse!

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