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Trick or treat for free fun with the best online Halloween games at GameHouse! Do you long to recapture the magic of Halloween? Now you can! Play a variety of high quality free Halloween games today.

Ready to get goose bumps? Then you’ll love Mystery Legends—Sleepy Hollow. Immerse yourself in the mysterious world of Ichabod Crane, his love Katrina, and of course, the Headless Horseman. Search haunting scenes for well-concealed clues and uncover the truth behind the Headless Horseman and his victims in this thrilling hidden object game.

Craving more hidden-object fun? Then try Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor! Uncle Jerome is missing and the only clue available to Mortimer Beckett is a mysterious letter describing a strange machine, a missing component, and an unknown suspect. Travel to your uncle’s spine-tingling manor to begin your hunt for the missing starter unit and more hints about the whereabouts of Uncle Jerome. Your attention for detail has never been more crucial! Mortimer Beckett and the Secrets of Spooky Manor is truly a game for Halloween.

Want to try your hand at being a detective? Play Paranormal Agency, a spooky adventure not for the faint of heart! When creepy ghosts, disruptive poltergeists, and other unearthly creatures start showing up in local homes, it is up to Detective Heather Mills to unravel the mystery. With over 100 levels, exciting mini-games, and tons of hidden-item challenges, Paranormal Agency is hours of thrilling fun!

Treat yourself to some chilling fun today!

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