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Are you a true detective and are you always the first to find things at home? You should definitely try the Gardenscapes games then! Get ready for many hidden object tasks and incredible adventures in these popular games. Austin is the main character of the Gardenscapes games and you need to help him to restore gardens and homes. You'll find the Gardenscapes games are growing on you, just like your garden. Some people call these games the best hidden object series ever. Gardenscapes

Gardenscapes became an instant success right after its launch. In this challenge, the garden of a villa has become overgrown with weeds. Don't stand for it! The rooms of the house are full of items you don’t need anymore - sell them for money to beautify the garden. Make sure you find those items fast, because the potential buyers aren’t known for their patience! Can you spruce up your garden enough to win the award for ‘Best Garden’ of the neighbourhood?

Gardenscapes – Mansion Makeover

The first chapter of the Gardenscapes games was great fun, don’t you think? After you restored the garden, it’s time for the villa itself in Gardenscapes – Mansion Makeover. The concept is the same, but the hidden object tasks are even more fun and a lot tougher. Before you can renovate the house, you’ll have to sell a lot of items. Invite your neighbours for a huge sale, and make sure you find the items they want as soon as possible. Start your garden sale now!

Gardenscapes 2

When you’ve enjoyed the first two Gardenscapes games, you obviously can’t miss out on the third one. In Gardenscapes 2, you’ll renovate a garden one more time, but this time it’s the garden of your parents! Join your friend Austin who’s returning to his childhood home, and bring his parents a nice visit. Seeing them again is great, but Austin can’t believe in what bad shape the garden is. The parents of Austin can’t to do the garden anymore, but you and Austin should be able to do this for them, right?

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