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The best. The nicest. The newest. The most addictive. The most popular. Whichever game you’re looking for, you’ll find it on GameHouse! We’re offering you an enormous collection of games from all possible genres. On this page you’ll find the best games, aand all of our newest games. When you’re looking for a game to play, you’ve come to the right place. Take a look around and play the games that tempt you now! A great game

A great game we can recommend to you is Nightmares from the Deep – The Cursed Heart. In this exciting game you’re going to try to save your daughter from the hands of a plundering pirate by solving numerous tough puzzles. Explore deserted, thrilling localities, and solve the mysteries of a haunted island. Can you defeat the pirate and bring your daughter home safely?

A popular game

Women’s Murder Club – Little Black Lies is a game that’s always popular among our players, and we’re confident you’ll appreciate it too. In this game you’ll need to muster courage for a challenging mystery. A famous novel writer has revealed secrets about the history of a village and soon after this discovery she’s found dead in her car. Can you trace the person who did this and solve this case together with the Women’s Murder Club?

A challenging game

Are you looking for a challenging game? Play Kingdom Chronicles! In this game you’ll step in the shoes of John Brave who’s returning to his home after he’s been at sea for a long time. When he arrives he notices that the King is overthrown by an evil tyrant. Can you defeat this tyrant, and restore glory to the kingdom? Roll up your sleeves and crack the case!

Whether it’s a great game, a popular one, or a challenging one, you’ll find the game of your choice on GameHouse!

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