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Exciting. Thrilling. That's probably what comes to mind when you're thinking of escape games, right? Oh boy, then we're going to spoil you rotten! GameHouse is the best place to play escape games online or to enjoy free escape games.

All you have to do is choose between the captivating escape games we're offering. Having trouble making the right decision? We're here to help you out! Why don't you try our recommendation below?

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Tired of reading and ready to play a game? Perfect! Then we're just going to recommend Escape the Lost King Platinum Edition, and leave it at that. In this exciting hidden object game, you need to help a young family reunite. But first you have to try to escape the long forgotten tomb of a cursed Pharaoh...

According to one of our players, this game is what hidden object play is all about. It kept her riveted, and although the game is challenging, the journal and strategy guide prevented her from getting stuck. "Keep these games coming. I just love them!" she concludes.

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