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Zooloretto Stats
  • Travel around the world rescuing zoo animals in this fun Board game for all ages.
  • Challenge 36 zookeepers to win monkey, lions, pandas, and more.
  • Collect the animals and attract visitors to your zoo.
  • Unlock new game features and select different difficulty settings.
  • Play this delightful game with up to three players simultaneously.

Game Description

Save the zoo animals from abusive zoo owners in Zooloretto, a wonderful adaption of the award-winning original board game.

The inhabitants of zoos around the world are being mistreated by their owners. Given poor food and living conditions, it's up to you to make things right. In order to help the animals however, you will have to beat each of the owners in a game of Zooloretto. Can you master the art of the game to save them all?

Travel across the globe and challenge 36 zookeepers to achieve your quest. Collect groups of animals in order to attract visitors to your zoo. Win monkeys, lions, pandas and more as you plan the zoo layout with habitats, shops, and more. Be careful however, because the zoo must be strategically managed and the other owners will try anything to keep their animals. Unlock new game features, select different difficulty settings, and play with up to three other players.

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Genre:  Board