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  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8
  • 1.7 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
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Award Value: 3 Stamps
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Save the zoo animals from abusive zoo owners in Zooloretto Deluxe, a wonderful adaption of the award-winning original board game. The inhabitants of zoos around the world are being mistreated by their owners. Given poor food and living conditions, it's up to you to make things right. In order to help the animals however, you will have to beat each of the owners in a game of Zooloretto.

  • travel around the world rescuing zoo animals in this fun board game
  • challenge 36 zookeepers to win monkey, lions, pandas, and more
  • collect the animals and attract visitors to your zoo
  • unlock new game features and select different difficulty settings
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Reviews of Zooloretto
 | Added on: November 25, 2015
I like so much this game. Is like coloretto, but in this game we have a little more funny with different options in your turn. Its perfect game for kids and for adults.
 | Added on: April 30, 2012
I love this game and have been addicted to it since I first played it. I have played it through many time now and it doesn't get boring. It has a few seemingly impossible missions but perhaps that is my fault. Overall a nice adaption of the Board Game. I would be great to have more addons and I hope it will be provided in time.
 | Added on: May 6, 2012
I bought this game last Sunday, and was so addicted I played it all day long! It's excellent if you love turn-based strategy (like chess or Fantasy Hex Wars) - definitely my kind of game. Some reviewers have claimed it is too difficult. That was not my experience. By 10pm I managed to complete the campaign, and then tried a 5 player game, me vs 4 Hard computer players. Disappointingly I won fairly easily 35 vs 23 - and the rest had around 15-16 points. ideally I would like to have had stronger AI opponents, so that the game would have a longer lasting appeal - as it is, it has become pointless me playing, which is a shame because I loved it.
 | Added on: May 1, 2012
Zooloretto is the computer version of the popular board game of the same name. The back story doesn't really add much to the game: You are to travel all over the world, and at each destination play Zooloretto against the owners of other zoos in order to stop the cruelty they mete out to their animals. The graphics, music, and interface are all very well done - although the music is very repetitive. In all other respects, this is just the board game. Zooloretto is extremely challenging; in fact, impossibly so. What makes it so impossibly difficult (and really annoys me) is how one computer opponent always throws the game to help the other computer opponent, and hinder you. If this were the way my friends played the board game with me....well, I wouldn't be playing it with them any more. If you really want to feel as though you're bashing your head against a brick wall, save yourself some money and go bash your head against a brick wall. Otherwise, buy the board game and invite a couple of friends over. It will be a much more enjoyable experience.
 | Added on: May 3, 2012
Where is the brick wall, I need one after the first 23 minutes. Talk about a challenge, is game is a real one, when you play with a computer player. I feel as though I was cheated and that is not a zoo-y way to feel. A Zoo is for fun, happy time, laughter, joy. Well folks not in this game. So just forget all these special feelings and just make a nice picnic lunch and go to the park. Much less of a headache. And you can feed the ducks.
 | Added on: June 5, 2012
I tried I really did :( I have never played the board game and the instructins do not make it clear how to play. I thought swapping enclosures meant with another player based on the instructions not swap 2 of your own enclosures! But the worst part was that computer just kept throwing the other AI player a turn and skipping me completely and I cannot understand why. I counted at one point they went 1-2-1-2-1-2-me huh? nowhere in the instructions say this is possible or how it happens or how to avoid it! I just cannoit reccomend this game without major revision.
 | Added on: June 3, 2012
i never heard of this game before, but find it very challenging. love the concept of saving the animals. i played the trial hr and never got better than 3rd place-that's not something i should be telling, huh?? i find myself wanting to play over and over. just a great game. i'm so glad i tried it. definately gonna buy it.
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