Zombie Bowl-O-Rama 

 Zombie Bowl-O-Rama
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Zombie Bowl-O-Rama Stats
  • Stop an army of the undead in this hilarious Arcade bowling game.
  • Select from 10 terrifying balls and six screaming lanes to take zombies down.
  • Use crafty tricks to slow them down such as mini-corpses, Buzz Saw, and Dance Fever.
  • Knock them dead with power-ups like the Zombienator and the Meatball.
  • Unlock new characters and other fun surprises.

Game Description

Send marauding zombies back to the grave in Zombie Bowl-O-Rama, a side-splitting bowling competition.

From the depths of the graveyard, a gruesome gang of the undead emerges in search of brains. The nearest spot is the town's bowling alley which just happens to be your favorite hangout. Get those walkers out of your lanes and put them back in the ground before they take over the rest of your town!

Select your character and take it to the Zombies in hilarious bowling showdowns. Try 10 terrifying balls in six screaming lanes as you knock them down to score points. Use crafty tricks and other special power-ups including the Zombienator, Mini-corpses, and Brain Balls. Hurry up and take those zombies down!

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Genre:  Action