World Riddles - Seven Wonders 

 World Riddles - Seven Wonders
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World Riddles - Seven Wonders Stats
  • Solve over 200 fantastic picture puzzles in this wonderful challenge.
  • Visit the seven most magnificent structures of the ancient world.
  • Learn their secrets by uncovering amazing facts.
  • Use logic, hints, and tools to make your way.
  • Enjoy other diversions including hidden object scenes and jigsaw puzzles.

Game Description

Use your powers of logic to embark on a journey visiting the most magnificent monuments ever made in World Riddles - Seven Wonders.

The seven wonders of the ancient world are striking accomplishments of beauty and art built in the time of mighty pharaohs, mythical gods, and great military commanders. The Lighthouse of Alexandria, the Statue of Zeus at Olympia, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, plus four others, stand before you in their magnificence. To learn their secrets however, you must take on a mental challenge as never before.

Dive into the world of ancient civilizations and solve more than 200 fascinating pictographic puzzles in this addictive educational journey. Visit these seven masterpieces and learn the wonderful secrets they hide by using the number clues to complete the grid. Use hints, tools and other items to make it through. You can also take a break and enjoy other challenges including picture completion, hidden object scenes, jigsaw puzzles and other diversions.

Try the free download version or play the full-unlimited version of World Riddles - Seven Wonders and solve all of the fun Picross-style puzzles today!
Genre:  Puzzle