World Mosaics 7 

 World Mosaics 7
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World Mosaics 7 Stats
  • Play 100 puzzles in Story Mode.
  • Challenge yourself to 150 additional bonus puzzles.
  • Enjoy relaxing gameplay with no time limits.
  • Achieve 3 stars on each puzzle by making no mistakes and using no hints.

Game Description

As a secret agent, you must recover the sand that has been stolen from the Hourglass of Time and return it to the Agency of Atlantis. Solve pictographic logic puzzles in World Mosaics 7 while traveling the world and piecing together clues about a sneaky shadow agent turned thief.

Head off to the Galapagos Islands and follow clues to explore Indonesia, the Amazon, and many more exciting destinations. Solve all 100 puzzles in Story Mode, and then solve an additional 150 bonus puzzles. Test your skills against clever challenges to win 3 stars when you complete a puzzle with no mistakes and without using hints.

Solve the puzzles and stop the rogue agent when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of World Mosaics 7 today!
Genre:  Puzzle