World Mosaics 6 

 World Mosaics 6
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World Mosaics 6 Stats
  • Discover pictographic puzzles while chasing a thief across time in this Puzzle endeavor.
  • Solve more than 100 picture puzzles in Story mode.
  • Journey through history from the Napoleonic Wars to the birth of the United States.
  • Tackle another 150 Bonus Puzzles after completing the Story mode.
  • Get three stars in each puzzle by completing it without mistakes or hints.

Game Description

Stop a cat burglar from using time and space for his personal gain in World Mosaics 6, an exhilarating new chapter from the hit series.

The hourglass of time has been stolen by the infamous cat burglar La Forge. With him in control, there is no end to what he can accomplish. Whether it's taking historical items, improving his wealth, or even changing time itself, there's no one that can stop him. No one that is, but you!

Solve over 100 pictographic puzzles as you make your way through history to stop La Forge. Journey through critical points in history from the Napoleonic Wars, the birth of the United States, and many more. Looking for a greater challenge? Tackle another 150 Bonus Puzzles after completing the Story mode and try to get three stars in every puzzle by completing them without making mistakes or using hints.

Enjoy the picture puzzle fun when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of World Mosaics 6 today!
Genre:  Puzzle