Wizard's Hat 

 Wizard's Hat
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Wizard's Hat Stats
  • Step up and save a beautiful valley from a dark wizard
  • Match similar objects to create powerful potions
  • Purchase wizard hats, wands and cauldrons of different types
  • Learn how to use your magic for in the heat of battle
  • Are your Match 3 skills good enough to defeat the dark wizard?

Game Description

Strike up the magic and polish your wand in Wizard's Hat, a charming Match 3 quest to save a beautiful valley from a dark wizard!

A time long ago, there existed a magical and peaceful realm where wizards ruled and protected the lands from harm. Across the river however, there also stood a much darker kingdom, one desolate and dangerous, ruled by an evil magic. The lord of this land sought to control the entire valley and make it his own by casting darkness everywhere, but one person dared to stand in his way.

Step up and show this dark wizard who is in charge! Match similar objects to clear the screen and build up six types of powerful potions. Use them and increase your chances of success. Earn money to buy stronger wizard hats, wands and cauldrons with different capabilities. Travel through 23 unique locations including the Dark Forest and the evil wizard's castle. Are your Match 3 skills up to the task?

Find out when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Wizard's Hat today!
Genre:  Match 3