Wizard Land
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 10
  • 1 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Wizard Land 

Save an enchanted kingdom from a troubling spell in Wizard Land Deluxe, a mystical adventure through a breathtaking realm. In a spectacular battle, a dark spell fell upon the land that as it destroyed the treasured crystal flower. Join a wizard on his long journey through the land and help him return what once was.

  • Defeat a powerful spell in this magical 3-in-a-row adventure.
  • Solve more than 80 boards selecting your style of play at any time.
  • Earn power-ups, rotate the boards, and complete extra tasks.
  • Enjoy a magical tale that's fun for the whole family.
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Reviews of Wizard Land
 | Added on: September 9, 2010
this game is awsome , it keeps you hooked , you dont want to stop playing , its an amazing game to take challenges , wow ! i really enjoy this game .
 | Added on: June 2, 2010
Wizard Land is my veg out game. I play when I need to take a mental break from work. It's challenging but the ability to toggle between relaxed and timed modes makes it versatile.
 | Added on: April 2, 2010
If you like match 3 games, this one is ok, not a very big challenge. Storyline ok but nothing to write home about LOL. It would be a good game to play while watching tv or talking on phone, you don't have to pay much attention to what your doing.
 | Added on: October 12, 2010
I nearly missed little gem, and only tried it because it was given as the game of the day! This is a really nice Match 3 game, and a bit different to most of the others. It was a breath of fresh air to see that the designers had tried to do something a bit different. It follows the usual Match 3 template, but to place the key in the lock to complete the level, you have to rotate the board and follow a maze to get there. This original touch makes all the difference. The graphics are very bright and colourful, so I'm sure that kids will love to play it, even if they have to have an adult helping them, as it's not a very easy game to play. Even the early levels need a fair bit of thought and concentration. Thanks to Gamehouse for bringing this game to my attention!
 | Added on: June 28, 2010
I really enjoyed this game, I loved how you could pick how you played (in group, M3 etc.). Nice little story line with a map that came to life with mythical creatures. The wizard has a seriously sexy voice too!!!!
 | Added on: March 11, 2010
I liked the game, however it was a litle too easy for me. Its a match three games. There are no instructions with this game. So you have to test out your extras to figure them out. I didn't realize you could trun the board, till I was sat there wondering, "how do I get the key to go right?". So I expiremented and pressed the arrow keys on my keyboard and the come to find out... the board moved. Moral of the games is to unfreeze everything inthe kingdom. I am sure it is easy enough for children play, however I feel adults would get bored with it easy. (I know I did).
 | Added on: November 18, 2010
This game is very addicting. I couldn't quit playing. It is relaxing not to hard and not to easy. Good graphics. I am playing it over again for the third time. I liked the key thing at the end of each level.
 | Added on: October 21, 2010
This is one of those games that come along rarely that is alot of fun. The aspect of the game that I liked the most is to end the level having to rotate the board to put the key to the lock, This game is NOT a waste of time.
 | Added on: August 22, 2011
I really enjoyed this game. I wish it was in the store.
 | Added on: October 10, 2012
This was much too easy and boring. There are so many other match games that are much more fun.
 | Added on: March 25, 2010
The variety of choices is the best part of this game - choosing swap or group or path means it's your favorite type of match 3. I chose the relaxed mode and found this a great game to keep part of my attention. I was quickly bored with only the game, but it was nice for an activity in front of the television.
 | Added on: July 18, 2011
I thought Bejeweled was the cream of the crop but the developer of the game worked around their limitations and created a game that is basically multiple games in one. And you can use any mode to your advantage when the situation calls for it. The graphics are colorful and the music fits the in game scenery / overall theme. This a game that you will want to play over and over again and not get tired.
 | Added on: January 31, 2011
This match game gives you three ways to match which certainly adds to the variety. You can "group", "swap" or "chain" to clear the board. I tried the timed version for awhile, but quickly found out I wasn't quick enough so I enjoyed the relaxed mode more. The graphics and sound effects are great. Having the symbolic lock and key at the end of the round was clever. All over a good match!
 | Added on: March 19, 2012
I've played a couple hundred different match 3 games, and this one is better than a vast majority of them. You have 2 power up balls one on right and one on left that charge up pritty fast. This is a nice thing, because you usually run out of matches and need them. Also nice that you can play in either group, chain or swap mode. This reduces the monotonousness of the game. Though it's dumb that you have to wait to be able to swap modes again once you've decided to do so. Nice how it talks to you too when you make a big super match and other things too. On the down side It seems there's more match 3 games just exactly like this one with this same exact kind of board set up. There's hundreds just like this, as if they just copied the same game over and over again. I wish game developers would come up with different things more like WAR STRATEGY. If you're new to match 3 and am not sick of it then deffinitely give this one a try, it is much better than most match 3 games out there. IT EVEN HAS RELAXED MODE WITCH IS A HUGE PLUS AND SHOULD BE INCLUDED IN ALL GAMES TO GIVE YOU TIME TO ACTUALLY THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR DOING.
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