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Witch's Pranks - Frog's Fortune 

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Witch's Pranks - Frog's Fortune Stats
  • Choose from 3 different modes of play: Regular, Advanced, and Expert.
  • Break the prankster witch's spells with true love's kiss.
  • Travel through magical portals and explore enchanted worlds.

Game Description

Free the prince from life as a frog! Reunite true love and break the prankster's curse in Witch's Pranks – Frog's Fortune, a uniquely romantic, quirky and enchanting hidden object, puzzle adventure.

First free the frog prince from his shackles, and then follow him to unlock the mysteries and hidden secrets in the witch's palace. Be quick while she's away. Concoct magic potions. Work with your froggy friend to bring together the right elements to overcome every obstacle and break the spell with the kiss of true love.

Make a quest to reunite true love and lift the heart-breaking curse when you try the free trial version of Witch's Pranks – Frog's Fortune today!
Genre:  Hidden Object