Whispered Legends - Tales of Middleport
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1.8 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
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Whispered Legends - Tales of Middleport 

What evil has Middleport in its grip? Rumors of an ancient curse run rampant and the tales grows longer in Whispered Legends – Tales of Middleport, an eerie hidden object mystery.

What has become of the sleepy seaside town of Middleport? The townspeople are disappearing at an alarming rate. Stories of monster sightings, ghastly galleons, and possessed artifacts have made their way to the London press.

Uncover the cause and track down the missing people when you play the free trial version or download the full version of Whispered Legends – Tales of Middleport today!

  • Choose from 4 game modes: Casual, Experienced, Nightmare, and Custom.
  • Have wicked fun with the challenging minigames.
  • Discover the truth behind the legendary pirate's treasure.
  • Uncover the secrets hidden within Middleport of 1868.
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Reviews of Whispered Legends - Tales of Middleport
 | Added on: July 13, 2014
This HO game is quite well done. You can customize the game, which allows you to choose how difficult you want the hidden object scenes to be, how long you want the hint time to take to recharge etc. I found this to be a very nice feature. It allowed me to play the game my way. The story line pulls you along, and you must interact with several people. The voice overs for this are quite good. There is an interactive map to help guide you, and the hint button also points you in the right direction. There are a lot of extra items to find, such as statue busts, hidden animals, and posters of missing people. Most of them are pretty easy to spot, but they do not add or subtract from the game. I chose to play the HO scenes as difficult, and some of the items were quite obscure. I don't know how it would have played on the easier levels. The mini games were not difficult, although a couple took some patience. All in all, well worth playing.
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