Weird Park - Scary Tales
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  • 1.8 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
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Weird Park - Scary Tales 

The carnival thrills and chills continue with Weird Park - Scary Tales Deluxe, a creepy sequel to the equally creepy hit game. Louis the Clown and Mr. Dudley are back to their old tricks. This time, children are disappearing into twisted versions of history's famous fairytales. Only you can trek through the dark corners of these frightening netherworlds and rescue the trapped children.

  • Louis the Clown and Mr. Dudley are back to their old tricks in this hidden object game
  • rescue children from twisted versions of history's most famous fairytales
  • use your powers of observation to locate helpful objects
  • unleash your intellect while solving puzzles determined to stop your progress
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Reviews of Weird Park - Scary Tales
 | Added on: May 8, 2015
I am a fan of hidden object games . This is the best of any I've seen. It's wonderful , I enjoyed every moment . 100% recommended .
 | Added on: January 16, 2013
I Loved Weird Park - Broken Tunes but WOW Scary Tales was just that much better. I liked the added little puzzle steps in HO's and the story line was just wonderful. A welcome change from searching temples, caves etc. Even though it's a very long game I hated for it to end. Hope there will be more Weird Park the meantime anxious to play this one again.
 | Added on: February 5, 2013
This game has a good challenge if you try to play it in the challenging mode. I enjoyed it got a little long but I still loved it. Good graphics and music. There is 2 clowns on this game. For those of you that are afraid of clown.
 | Added on: February 26, 2013
I can't give this game a "1 star" rating b/c the graphics are really good and the game is well put-together. But sheesh! I've been playing over an hour and I have been in the same 3-4 scenes just going back & forth like crazy -- I'm going NUTS. I find 1 thing & I have to go all the way across to use it in order to find my next item. Then I go all the way back across for the next item. And so on. I am so annoyed that I don't even want to play anymore - which is REALLY disappointing b/c I really wanted to play this!!! I don't get why game designers don't realize just how ridiculously frustrating it is to be click-click-clicking between one scene to another back to the first one again on a repetitive basis! This is not game-playing -- this is torture!
 | Added on: February 8, 2013
Great game that gets better as you play. Hints are available for sticky spots but most moves are intuitive as you go. Good variety of scene and cool use of tools.
 | Added on: January 25, 2013
I just love this game!! I've haven't finished it yet, it's longer than most, but I'm really enjoying ever minute. Really liked the fact that if I get stuck the hints tell you what to do next and then fill back up quickly. Overall a really good game!!
 | Added on: January 23, 2013
This is the first hidden object/adventure game I have seen in a long time with no map. The lack of such an important feature made the game feel sort of thrown together. The same HO scenes were used over and over, and since there was nothing to indicate that the scene had become active again, I found myself visiting every scene trying to find what to do next. Also, when the HO scenes are repeated, the objects collected previous times are back in their places--a pet peeve of mine. The graphics were nice but didn't blow me away. Overall, aside from not having a map, the free trial was enjoyable but didn't make me feel like I wanted to keep going.
 | Added on: February 5, 2013
The game is quite challenging, quite intuitive. It has a lot of places where to search for items, it's not repeating too much the places or the items (which is an annoying thing usually met in ho games). The story was good, the design as well. I've really enjoyed it.
 | Added on: January 17, 2013
Like its title the game is kind of weird, deliciously weird though. The first scene is a copy paste of Phantasmat, then comes the back and forth between three specific places for quite some time. But then suddenly a huge wonder world opens up for you to enjoy, great graphics/ colors/ lights ( you wish you can have them all as wallpaper ). The hidden objects are very easy to find, the sweet challenge is how to mix things together to unlock the so many riddles. You may use the hint botton quite few times because you can be easily disorientated there are so many places to search around. I'll definitely play it again. What sums it up is that I bought with my redeemed coins. Just relaxe and enjoy this weird magical ride :)
 | Added on: January 17, 2013
A very original game. Kind of long but not that long that it lost my interest. Graphics were real nice. Mini games, alot were original. I loved how you could skip the parts that you had to row to the island or sink to the bottom of the water. Saved time. Cool game all through I'd say.
 | Added on: February 6, 2013
Lots of places to explore, expert mode is better, well worth playing.
 | Added on: March 11, 2013
The game has an original storyline and great graphics. Going through various fairy tales scenes to rescue the kids that have disappeared is different and fun. True the game has a lot of back and forth but, by using the Hint button for direction you avoid going around and around. There are lots of HOs; and, some of the mini-games are quite challenging. The game is long and satisfying – overall enjoyable.
 | Added on: January 16, 2013
Had a lot of fun playing this one. Great graphics, story line, and puzzles. Game length was perfect. Highly recommend.
 | Added on: January 19, 2013
Great game that is nice and long. The items in the HO parts are pretty easy to find. There was a nice mix of HO and game play. The game does have you pick up things that you have no idea what to do with for a while. I wouldn't have been able to get through it without the hint button to tell me where to go next. A map would have made the game a little easier. I was able to figure out all the mini games except one. I went to a walkthrough to find the solution to it.
 | Added on: January 29, 2013
This is was my first experience playing a hidden object game and I'll admit I was skeptical at first. I just didn't see how it would hold my interest. Well I'm a convert! It took me awhile to get into the swing of things, especially the backtracking that occurs but soon it felt like second nature. The story started slowly but as soon as the fairy tale book was introduced it really took off. I liked the pairing of the stories and felt it added depth to the game. A fun, engaging game that was surprisingly long. I enjoyed every minute of it!
 | Added on: January 16, 2013
I found this game to be highly addictive and enjoyable
 | Added on: February 4, 2013
I don't usually like HOG, however I found this one amusing and quite fun. It took longer to complete than I expected. The story line was "cute".
 | Added on: January 23, 2013
Best Game I have played in an AGE!!
 | Added on: January 15, 2013
This was the best game I have played in a long time!!! Very good graphics!!! It takes quite a long time to get through, so plan on spending a day (if you don't use hints or skip puzzles), I could not get over how long it took to get through it, just about the time I figured that the puzzle would end, I was on another adventure. This is one of those games you could play again. Very good game play!! Well worth it!!
 | Added on: January 23, 2013
great game a must play fantastic wonderfull graphics great story when i done it i was rather sad it was over :O)
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