Weird Park - Broken Tune 

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Weird Park - Broken Tune Stats
  • Investigate a haunted amusement park in this creepy Hidden Object search.
  • Find out who is behind a series of unfortunate accidents.
  • Search eerie locations for clues left behind.
  • Solve perplexing puzzles, locate important items, and enjoy fun mini-games.
  • Close the case before you become the next victim.

Game Description

Uncover the truth to the demise of an amusement park in Weird Park - Broken Tune, a twisted tale of terror.

A few years ago during his nightly performance, Louie the Clown suffered a terrible mishap that ultimately led to the closing of the amusement park. Recently, an investigative journalist looking into the incident mysteriously disappeared, his car the only clue left at the entrance of the park. Now, the newspaper he worked for has hired you, a private detective, to get to the bottom of this mystery.

Investigate the amusement park, believed to be haunted, and unravel this startling turn of events. Search eerie locations for clues and uncover the rash of "accidental" deaths that led to the park's closure by city officials. Solve perplexing puzzles, locate important items via search variations, and enjoy fun mini-games. Figure out who is behind the accidents but watch out, because you might be the next victim.

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Genre:  Hidden Object
Tags:  Alawar Games