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Webbies Stats
  • Engage with original gameplay mechanics and clever multi-faceted moves.
  • Play and triumph through 100 diverse and challenging levels.
  • Use the "Undo Last Move" option to keep you moving forward with success.
  • Experience the beautiful HD graphics and animations while you follow the charming background story.
  • Enjoy an addictive scoring and bonus system that inspires you to keep going.

Game Description

Save the critters of Magic Forest from cruel starvation in Webbies, a captivating logic and strategy game! Hurgen the grumpy old wizard has recruited his hairy spider assistant Alfred to collect all the forest friends' food with his enchanted webs in the hope that starvation will drive the little fellows out. With tears in their sweet, sad eyes, they plead, "We beg you! You're our only hope!" Your heart will melt and you'll be in the game.

The early levels give you lots of practice at improving your aim and understanding the function of various tools that help deliver the fruits, nuts, and honey combs to the hungry hedgehogs, squirrels, owls, and bears. Achievement of each level concludes with a celebration of fireworks and a smiling, bouncing critter.

The challenge increases as you move through the levels, and there are opportunities in every puzzle for bonus points. As the puzzles get harder, the "Undo Last Move" option is awesome for figuring out how to get the right amount of food to the right furry friend. Each success brings triumphant satisfaction and the drive to keep going to the next level.

Critics are calling Webbies a hit with its "family-friendly story and feel-good objective." See for yourself when you try the free trial version of Webbies or download the full-unlimited version today!
Genre:  Brain