Virtual Villagers 5 - New Believers
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  • Windows 2000 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 10
  • 500 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Virtual Villagers 5 - New Believers 

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Explore the mysterious center of beautiful Isola with Virtual Villagers 5 - New Believers Deluxe, a new chapter in the hit series. Many questions remain after the villagers managed to save the Tree of Life. To find these answers, a group sets off to explore the center of the isle but soon is captured by a previously unknown indigenous tribe. Who are these masked savages?

  • journey into the heart of Isola's darkness in this amazing new adventure
  • explore the center of the Isle and meet an indigenous tribe of masked savages
  • build homes, gather resources, and cultivate technologies through new puzzles and events
  • use all-new god-like powers to help your villagers
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Reviews of Virtual Villagers 5 - New Believers
 | Added on: February 17, 2011
I'm a fan of the previous entries in this series, and I admit I was a bit put off at first by the whole "converting heathens" and tearing down their totems. It just sounds a little....well....ahem. But once I started playing, it was more like just a continuation of the VV games. If you like VV, then there'd be no reason why you wouldn't get along with this version as the gameplay is pretty standard to the previous. This time, however, there are impediments to your building, food gathering, etc. tasks in the form of the masked "heathans", one of which is a pretty annoying little kid! I find all the games in this series to be pretty addictive, and this one was no exception. I was actually able to complete all the game's goals with all my original tribe intact, which was a first for me. Except, of course, for the danged collectible items which I never seem to get all of. I'd say: give this game a try. You can actually have fun with the whole "heathen" theme, because after all, you do get to name your little people....have fun!
 | Added on: February 11, 2011
I had played Virtual Villagers once before, years ago, and it was ok. This is just boring. There's no real direction as to what to do. Honestly, it seems like all there IS to do, at least in the beginning, is convince your villagers to keep doing what you told them to & stop wandering off. It's also very "god" based; not sure if that was the case before, but not my cup of tea.
 | Added on: February 15, 2011
I like the new challenges in this game. The villagers being captured by the tribe is a nice change. Challenging to destroy the enemy totems.
 | Added on: February 17, 2011
I liked this game because its not to hard but its hard enough that it makes you think.
 | Added on: February 16, 2011
I was very disappointed in this game. Love all the Virtual villagers and family but would not reccomend this game. easy to beat very obvious tasks annoying unbelievers then you realize to finish trophys you have to start all over again. Trophys are the Most important in this game read them first. Least favorite of series. had to also turn sound off or couldnt play
 | Added on: January 26, 2012
Would like results faster and more puzzles/things for the villagers to do that produce another reaction/effect. Love the game I just tend to get bored after a bit.
 | Added on: February 24, 2011
I have played the previous four games. . . and i have to say this is the most time consumiong. I have had to restart my village becuase they die faster in this game, being how the "Savages" make it harder for you to get tech points and food! Being a Historian I am not sure how i feel about destroying totem and "converting" people to the settlers "religion" LOL but it is still a good game!
 | Added on: February 24, 2011
I first became aware of Virtual Villagers when I played "Tree of Life". I was hooked, when I saw 5, I said I have to buy this one. I own 5 and it's amazing so fun, the further I go the better it is. This is a must have game.
 | Added on: April 25, 2011
I have to admit I have really got into Virtual Villagers over the past year and have played them all. I still think the Tree of Life is my favourite, though I was excited about this new format of being able to convert the rogue masked heathens back to your own tribe. If you enjoyed the other VVs then you won't be disappointed with New Believers, the puzzles are challenging, your tribe now gains "god" powers it can use, plus your villagers have an extra skill area "devotion". As a side challenge you have to find ways to work around the heathens so they don't scare off your villagers and interfere with their work, in particular the annoying "rascal" child. I guess this does have religious undertones, which could possibly be an issue if you are really sensitive about that kind of thing. My feeling is it's only a game and when you hear the storyline it's really more about people who have lost their general path in life and you helping them find it again. As per the other VV games there is no killing or violence in New Believers, but brief reference to such in the storyline. My biggest complaint would be how long it takes to convert the orange and red masked heathens once you have completed all the puzzles and finally got enough energy for the required power. I ended up hitting them with it, pausing it for a day then repeating the process for the next 5 or 6 days because I was kinda bored with the game as I had already maxed my population. That, and the fact that this is not yet released for Mac.
 | Added on: March 9, 2012
I love this game, it has been quite a challenge for me with a lot more to do to win this game, of all the villagers I like this one the most.
 | Added on: February 17, 2011
a great sequel of Virtual Villagers. With an original idea: you'll have to play in the middle of "ennemies", which is quite challengin. Love it.
 | Added on: March 24, 2011
This isn't a game for those looking to beat it one day. It is a game worth the money because you invest a lot of time in beating it.
 | Added on: March 5, 2012
 | Added on: February 19, 2011
The format will be no surprise to those who have enjoyed the previous games in this series. To newcomers I would say this is for those who have time to spare...there are no quick solutions as the whole game is organic and your tribe has to grow and progress to make tasks attainable. If you enjoy puzzles and being responsible, as a god, for the destiny of each individual throughout his/her life, then you should love this game. Actually, I wish there were more games like this available.
 | Added on: February 15, 2011
Virtual Villagers has always been my favorite game. In this game, they make it a little more interesting by adding a masked tribe that believes in other gods. This game is a got-to-have, in other words this game's grade would be an A+!
 | Added on: February 23, 2011
When I saw that Virtual Villagers had come out with a 5th version, I thought, "Really? How could they possibly get away with that?" I was pleasantly surprised to see that while some things are the same, this version has a definite new twist to it... villagers that you cannot control, at least until you've first 'converted' them to a non-specific 'faith'. And like real life, these unconverted will only listen to you for a while and then they tire of hearing about it for a while, and will run away if you try to talk to them about 'faith' again. Awesome! With some of these villagers being aggressive and 'scary', it adds a definite element of challenge in figuring out how to solve new puzzles, but don't worry... This version also adds some god-like abilities that you unlock, such as releasing a swarm of bees or bringing down a bolt of lightning. An old favorite continues to be remade in new, fresh ways, so though I've played all four of the previous VV, I'm enjoying the 5th one, too, while the family is lining up for their turn at it as well.
 | Added on: February 15, 2011
I have purchased and played all the Virtual Villagers games and I can honestly say this was my least fav, but it wasn't a total flop either. The one big difference this time was having guards w/ different color masks that are not "believers" and it's your job to make them believe. I have to admit, this was aggravating. You also have to tear down these totem poles, but in order to do that, you have to distract the guards that are guarding it. There is also a new skill called devotion. This goes up whenever you "convert" a guard and you also unlock god powers, like being able to make it rain and sunshine. The rest is basically the same as the older VV. You have to get food, learn your skills, have babies, make clothes, etc. If you are new to VV, I suggest going with VV The Lost Children, that was my fav. Overall, not bad, but not the greatest either. 2/12 stars
 | Added on: March 4, 2011
Love this series. I have played all the versions. This version is great but like all of them, if you don't have some outside help for puzzle solutions, it's too difficult to figure them out. Other than that...great fun and a good challenge.
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