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Viking Brothers 

 Viking Brothers
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Viking Brothers Stats
  • Restore the kingdom of Asgard to its original glory.
  • Beat back attackers, clear roads and rivers, and rebuild bridges and towns.
  • Rollick through 50 levels of gameplay.
  • Enjoy comic book-style cutscenes.
  • Interact with 14 captivating characters.

Game Description

Explore storied Asgard on an unforgettable Viking adventure! Embody heroic ways as you experience a legendary story of love and valor in Viking Brothers, the rollicking time management challenge you've been dreaming of.

You and two Viking brothers must eradicate the savages who have ravaged the kingdom, restore the glory of Asgard, and locate magical items that will rejuvenate the once epic empire. Move with alacrity as you pull together resources, clear rivers and roads, and rebuild bridges and towns. Enchanting characters cross your path as you race to fulfill your responsibilities. Earn bronze, silver, or even gold trophies as you achieve success over the challenges in dwarven caves and soggy swamplands.

Are you strong enough, quick enough, and resourceful enough to restore the world of the Vikings? Bring your best to the test and reap the highest rewards when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Viking Brothers today!