Victorian Mysteries 2 - The Yellow Room
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Victorian Mysteries 2 - The Yellow Room 

Solve a baffling case with inexplicable results in Victorian Mysteries - The Yellow Room Deluxe, a captivating thriller based on the classic novel. In 19th Century France, a young woman is the victim of a murder. When authorities arrive, they find no trace of the assailant. What boggles them more is that the room is closed from the inside. How could the murderer escape without a possible exit?

  • travel back to 19th Century France in this captivating hidden object investigation
  • follow along as a police detective and a journalist race to find the answers
  • locate hundreds of useful objects to figure out clues
  • solve ingenious puzzles and speak with key characters to deduce events
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Reviews of Victorian Mysteries 2 - The Yellow Room
 | Added on: July 23, 2012
I really enjoyed "A Woman in White," so I was looking forward to this game. At first, I thought it was terrific - the story line was clear, the scenes were well drawn, and the video clips were good. But then it became irritating that there were no hints outside of the HO scenes. And the map didn't always mark areas where actions were left to complete, nor could you click on the map to go to a location. Then the comments uttered by various characters printed at the bottom of the screen started going by in half a second--literally. It was impossible to complete reading them before they were gone. There was no reason to put a "beastie" in the game, and going to the island where the beastie lived addded nothing. Past that point I couldn't figure out what to do and resorted to a walkthrough. Turns out there were supposed to be two more video clips, one at the station and one at the lab for the final scenes. I had neither of these, so I have no idea what the ending was or if it even made sense. So my impression of the game began on a high note and slipped downward rapidly the further into the game I progressed. Worth buying? Maybe just. But certainly disappointing.
 | Added on: July 26, 2012
This game would (could) have been perfect, had the cut scenes not been literally half a second long before being "cut off". I didn't know a thing about the story line for this you don't know the goal, or reasons for completing any of the goals in the game! The ending was cut short, and you're left not knowing what the heck you just wasted your time and money on.. very aggravating, because it had the potential to be a great game. :(
 | Added on: July 27, 2012
I'm sorry but this is the first game that I gave 1 star, I liked the HOG but the story line, lame, I don't even know how it ended or if it solved anything. Well not everything can be great! right?
 | Added on: July 26, 2012
The puzzles in this game are quite a bit above average. Thoroughly enjoyed them! But the story line runs somewhere between hopelessly lame & pathetic! Enjoy the game for its pluses & ignore its very considerable deficits.,,ie: a plot!... & you should do fine.
 | Added on: July 23, 2012
I wanted to give this game only 3.5 stars but that option is not available. The game had it good points and its bad points, but overall the experience was acceptable. I finished this game in about 4 hours in the casual mode. It was really frustrating that the hint button was not available when you had to wander around to find the next clue or interactive location. So frustrating that I had to resort to online help to find certain items. The story line was great, but for some reason my game kept skipping over the dialogue (maybe because I was in casual mode?) so I missed "Who done it". Will play again in regular mode.
 | Added on: July 23, 2012
I liked this game and I have played other HOs games like it where there were no hints except for the actual object part of the game. You are basically on your own for most of the game. What I didn't like was the conversations that were going on flashed across the bottom of the screen and most of the time you couldn't read what was going on unless you went to the Journal which sometimes didn't even address the conversation. Also, the ending was very strange?? All of of sudden it was over. Hopefully, there will be a part two.
 | Added on: March 2, 2013
I think I'm probably the only person here who read the book, so needless to say I already knew who the killer was from the start. The game only skims the book anyway and leaves out a lot of information and adds the pointless "Beastie" arc, which has nothing to do with Leroux's book. But considering this is probably the only adaptation the book will ever have I suppose I can't complain that much. I did enjoy the game play, and found the HO fun and the mini games made you think (though they are not so hard that you can't enjoy them) I noticed in other reviews people said that they weren't able to see the cut scenes but I didn't have that problem, though I wasn't immune to the pitfalls of the helpbar (or lack of one really) and had to rely on the internet a time or two when I was stuck. But overall I enjoyed the game, I'm glad I found it.
 | Added on: July 28, 2012
This game bored me to tears. The graphics were nice but the story is just barely there and there is way too much clicking and running around to find one tiny thing in a spot that I just gave up eventually. There are very few clues to help you along and a lot of the puzzles result in frustration as you solve the puzzle to unlock something and then have to go find a key. The scenes take a while to load and the dialogue really doesn't move the story along or tell you much about what to do next. After having to refer to a Walkthrough too many times just find out that I needed to (once-again) backtrack a long way to find one tiny piece of the puzzle I just gave up. Much better games out there.
 | Added on: July 23, 2012
I so enjoy Victorian Mysteries "The Moon Stone" & "Women In White" that I could hardly wait for "Yellow Room" to become available. The hint system is only available for HO scenes.. so it's a bit challenging at times finding what you need to proceed but part of the fun for me. There are indirect hints ie if you don't get a nothing left to do here. Take another look around. I'm hopeful another is in the works.
 | Added on: July 29, 2012
too much back and forth with too little help for me. and the HO portion of the game was very difficult. i had a hard time seeing the items. i like a challenge, but not a blow out. this game was a blow out...disappointing...
 | Added on: July 23, 2012
So many times I said to myself that it was a great 5 star game. But around the third chapter, it went downhill. The characters kept on changing, then you totally you are left hanging and don't know what to do. I had to go to walkthroughs twice. Going to the mountain, I found it pointless. The dialogue was so fast that I couldn't read it. What's up with that?? And the end? I didn't know it finished until I went back to the walkthrough lol. It was so unsatisifying to see that it had ended. The ladder in the bedroom outside... pointless as well. Lots of times I just said to myself.. HUH??? I gave it three stars because it had it's ok moments.
 | Added on: July 24, 2012
This was a weird HOG. It had great promise but didn't deliver. The HOGs were nice and the graphics were well done but the story line way too hard to follow. The dialogue was so fast that I couldn't read a thing. Based upon the walkthrough I had to find on the internet (in order to complete the game), I wasn't missing much. The puzzles were very simple and at times annoying. You finish a puzzle, only to get to a keyhole? What's up with that? There are no hints available when you don't know where to go next. Twice I had to go through almost every scene in order to find out there was a new HOG highlight on a place were the map said I had completed. The test manager for this game should have been fired for letting it be released. Lastly, the game ended so abruptly that I had to go to the walkthrough to figure out it was over. I'll think twice about buying another game from Freeze tag, inc. I am giving it 2 stars only because the HOGs were well done and the graphics were good.
 | Added on: June 12, 2012
This game was great! The HO part is pretty challenging, the mini games very fun, and the storyline is interesting. There is a lot of going back and forth, but I really enjoy that. It was also a very long game. It took me a few hours for about three days to finish it. I would definitely recommend this one.
 | Added on: July 30, 2012
Incomplete game the story flashes too quickly to read anything. You don't get to finish the game again it goes black screen then you are in the main menu in seconds 1 or two that's how long the "flashes" of story are. One star is too much I give it one tenth of a star if that.....
 | Added on: July 23, 2012
Uneven is the best word for this Jekyll and Hyde game. While the story was a very interesting mystery, gathering clues and keeping you guessing, the ending left me more confused than when I started, because it didn't quite make sense! The game play was at times fun and flowing, but then when you would miss an object, it became very frustrating because there is NO help outside of HO scenes. Be prepared to consult a walkthrough for those times- I lost count after about 5 times of exiting & loading my browser for the w/t. The journal & task book are no help. Let me give you a small hint- keep checking the chandelier! The mini games aren't too bad- again some quite difficult, some really easy, but there is always a skip. The HO scenes themselves are also uneven- many times they simply give you an out of focus picture and/or dark picture elements, and the only way to find stuff is to click anything that seems the least questionable. A few scenes however are clearer and brighter, its like the artists & developers were either schizo or had two separate teams working the content. At least the items fit the scenes and game period. No obvious grammar mistakes, or object identification problems. It is a fairly quick play, you should finish in one sitting. But be forewarned, if you want to hear the (mediocre) voice-overs, you have to turn the music on- I missed them for half the game because I typically play with the music off, as I dont care for game soundtracks. In the end, I enjoyed playing it- when I wasn't being frustrated by it!
 | Added on: July 23, 2012
Maybe I got a different game than the others... After the scenes on the train, the dialogue didn't work any more. I would see a screen briefly that had words on it, then it disappeared to the next scene. I would have to consult my journal and task list to try to figure out what was said and what to do next.The puzzles were way too easy. In two cases, you found pieces of a torn letter all over the place that you had to reassemble. Two torn letters? Really? And in some cases, you solved the puzzle only to get access to a keyhole, so you still needed to find a key. Please. The plot was bizarre, but maybe it made more sense if you could read the dialogue. There was reference to a "beastie" that seemed unnecessary to the plot. A person is referred to as "the killer," but the subject wasn't killed, only attacked. By the beastie, apparently. Who uses a gun. *sigh* A person was poisoned, but apparently not killed because he showed up again. And without the dialogue working the game just ended abruptly, so I never knew what happened. I guess I've gone on enough... I only finished the game so I could review it accurately. DON'T WASTE YOUR TIME.
 | Added on: July 25, 2012
This game started off OK, but quickly tanked!!! I didn't mind the going from scene to scene, thats what I like about HO / Adventure games. But toward the end of the game, you were going all the way back to the beginning for no real purpose! The dialogue in between scenes flashed on the bottom of the screen so fast you didn't have time to read it. Most of the story line made no sense and it ended abruptly!!! Not worth buying just to see how it ends.
 | Added on: July 21, 2012
I may be missing something, but the help system seems non existant. There is too much wandering back an forth. The items needed are fairly easy to find, but when they are not it is almost impossible to find a usable hnt The lenght is nice and long but I would not reccommend buying a game that I have to go off site for help when needed.
 | Added on: July 26, 2012
I think the other reviewers rated this game WAY too high. In the last 2 years, I've played most of the hidden object games, and this one for sure rates only 1 star! The best part about it, was that it was over so fast! Well, the drawings were good, but then, isn't that what we expect these days?
 | Added on: July 31, 2012
I like games that include audio text, characters that actually speak, instead of having to read everything. This game had some of that. But, there was also text that I had to read to understand the story and that text flashed by so quickly, that I couldn't read everything. There was no way to change the speed of the text. So, most of the story was lost on me. Then worst of all, the final scene that explains everything at the end showed the first line and then the game was over. I never did find out what actually happened. After the hours of game play before that, it was definitely anticlimatic. Also, unless you are playing a HO scene, there is no help, no hints.
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