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Vacation Adventures - Park Ranger 

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Vacation Adventures - Park Ranger Stats
  • Enjoy stunning scenes of natural beauty.
  • Become engrossed with fantastic hidden object scenes and other fun puzzles.
  • Use the interactive map for scene replays and rewards.
  • Spend the summer as a park ranger.

Game Description

Fill your summer vacation with fresh air as the a park ranger at Pinecreek National Park. Enjoy the beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities in Vacation Adventures - Park Ranger, an engaging hidden object adventure for nature lovers.

The detailed hidden object scenes will test your eagle eye. Keep the park sparkling and safe by putting things in their place. Protect the natural environment by collecting all the bonus trash items and recyclables and clear overgrowth from signs. Earn more bonuses for collecting items for the lost and found.

You're in charge of setting up outdoor activities like boating, rock climbing, hose riding, mountain biking, and more. Explore log cabins, trails, lakes, and mountains. What an exciting and adventurous way to spend your summer vacation!

Embrace and care for the great outdoors when you try the free trial version of Vacation Adventures - Park Ranger or download the full-unlimited version today!
Genre:  Hidden Object