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Unstoppable Gorg 

 Unstoppable Gorg
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Unstoppable Gorg Stats
  • Stop the Gorg in this unique tower defense Action game.
  • Take on more than 40 challenging levels across the galaxy.
  • Place satellites into orbit and upgrade their capabilities for an impenetrable defense.
  • Change satellite orbits in real-time to fortify their protection against attacks.
  • Enjoy an immersive 1950's science fiction story and presentation.

Game Description

Defend the galaxy from fearsome aliens in Unstoppable Gorg, a campy 1950's sci-fi experience.

The Gorg are on the march across the universe and nothing seems to stop them. With their foot at Earth's door, only you can command the defense systems to protect the planet from the invaders. But be warned, because they are a relentless army of flying saucers and rubbery aliens. Can you put an end to their advance and defeat them?

Find out when you take on the Gorg in 40 exciting levels of military madness. Protect the planet as you strategically place defensive satellites into orbit. Use their powers to combat the Gorg march, and upgrade their capabilities for an impenetrable wall. Change orbits to move satellites, watch out for wayward asteroids, and stop the Gorg in their tracks.

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Genre:  Action