Unsolved Mystery Club™ - Amelia Earhart™ 

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Unsolved Mystery Club™ - Amelia Earhart™ Stats
  • Join the search for answers in this stunning Hidden Object investigation.
  • Explore facts and theories about Amelia's mysterious disappearance.
  • Watch historical newsreels and listen to real voice recordings.
  • Visit true-to-life locations and scour the scenes for vital clues and artifacts.
  • Learn how to fly like Amelia in fun mini-games.

Game Description

Find the famed aviator when you search for answers behind one of the most famous disappearances in Unsolved Mystery Club™ - Amelia Earhart™.

In 1937, female trailblazer and daredevil, Amelia Earhart disappeared over the Pacific Ocean during what was supposed to be a record-breaking attempt to fly around the world. Years have passed and many plausible theories exist, but no one knows for certain what happened. Enter the Unsolved Mystery Club, an organization dedicated to collecting facts related to the biggest mysteries, and as its newest member, you are on the trail to uncover the final answer.

Explore facts and theories about her disappearance in the vaults of the Mystery Club Warehouse and reach your own conclusion. Visit true-to-life locations and scour the scenes for vital clues and artifacts. Watch historical newsreels, listen to Amelia's voice and learn little known facts about her amazing life and career. Featuring fun puzzles, entertaining flying mini-games, and authentic information, this investigation into the unknown is certain to keep you engaged.

Critics say Unsolved Mystery Club™ - Amelia Earhart™ is "one game that every hidden object fan needs to try" where "the searches are fun, the pacing is excellent and the presentation and polish are absolutely second to none." See for yourself.
Genre:  Hidden Object