TV Farm
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  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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TV Farm 

Play TV Farm Deluxe, an entertaining time management challenge! You're chosen to participate in a brand-new TV show. In this show, you need to build your own farm, grow crops, process them, sell your products on the market, and invest your profit. And all of that in front of millions of viewers. Are you a real star? Find out in TV Farm Deluxe!

  • find stardom with this challenging management game
  • plant seeds, grow them, water them, and sell or process them
  • finish levels within the given time to earn the most points
  • unlock upgrades and improvements with your points
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Reviews of TV Farm
 | Added on: March 26, 2014
Didn't get too far with this one. Confusing and a lot of clicking to individually plant, then water, then click again to put each tree in a truck.
 | Added on: April 1, 2014
This game is at times aggravating and frustrating - some levels are really easy, but others are quite difficult and really thinky. Some levels are hard to figure out at first - the ones where you need multiple ingredients for an item - but it is simple to quit and restart. Some levels took a few attempts to find the correct order to reach the gold, but I have managed to finish winter and spring with all gold times. Just started summer. Lots of levels, and worth buying if you don't mind a game that makes you think and plan ahead - it is doable!
 | Added on: March 27, 2014
This is quite a challenging game, especially toward the mid to higher levels. Although it is possible to beat the game in sort of a relaxed way, you cannot reap the benefits of production without scoring better than bronze. I will explain why I chose each of the sliders above: 1. Challenging. Absolutely. Especially if you're a player like me who loves to earn the Gold Achievement in every level. As I mentioned, you can play in a more relaxed state, but there are benefits to scoring higher. Even when you play at an easier level, your barn can never hold more than 100 objects, which can cause problems in mid to higher levels. You may have to sell something you've grown to make space for something you've order or produced. When you order items via helicopter, or produce items from factories, they will eventually disappear if they're not picked up on time. Higher levels require multiple raw items to produce one product, such as pizza, ice cream, jack-o-lanterns and candy. 2. Fast Paced. The more buildings you have running simultaneously, the faster and smoother your production goes. You have 20 plant spots, which each have to be maintained one at a time. They may need water (which, in my opinion, is nothing more than a huge nuisance), which can sometimes take up time. While you're trying to maintain your garden, you still have to pay attention to your factories and helicopter, as those items will disappear if you don't click them in time. 3. Clicky/Thinky. Why did I put this in the middle? Because it's both. It's not "just right" as the option implies. The game is very clicky, but it's also very thinky. In many of the levels, you must plan ahead before you even start the level. In some levels, I have noticed there is a very (VERY) limited number of ways a level can be beaten efficiently. Sometimes you need to order items from the helicopter that you could normally make yourself, but would waste valuable time doing so. This game does not progress normally from level to level. You may have built and upgraded a factory, but the next level is set up its own way, and the factory you have recently built or upgraded may be demolished, downgraded, or completely missing and unavailable. Since upgrades do not rollover, this keeps each level's achievements exactly as challenging as they were meant to be. The previous reviewer mentioned being confused and I agree. Sometimes you can get quite confused and sit there staring at the screen for a few seconds. If it gets too confusing, restart the level and try again. Each level has one specific pattern that will ensure Gold status, however there may be multiple ways to achieve it. Even if you don't get confused, you will sometimes have to restart levels to try a different pattern. All in all, I really like the game. The basic idea isn't much different than games like Ranch Rush (which require items to add to machines to make items) with the exception that you don't have a person running around. The speed of the action depends on the speed of your mouse and clicks, therefor eliminating the need to click ahead of your actions.
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