Tropical Fish Shop 2 

 Tropical Fish Shop 2
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Tropical Fish Shop 2 Stats
  • Dive into an ocean of Match 3 fun with this wonderful new endeavor.
  • Collect colorful fish and earn money to customize your store.
  • Play a fun variety of mini-games and puzzles including Hidden Object.
  • Participate in diving contests and earn trophies plus extra money.
  • Collect oxygen to wisely lengthen your dive time.

Game Description

Build the best fish store in town with the all-new Tropical Fish Shop 2, a wonderful game of Match 3 under the sea!

On Annabelle's latest dive, she uncovers a treasure chest full of precious items. Knowing that these valuable relics are better left for public enjoyment, she turns them in to the proper authorities, and gainfully earns a substantial reward. What will she do with this new-found money? Make the fish shop bigger and better than ever before of course!

Help Annabel and Harold move into a spacious new building and organize the best fish shop around. Dive and match three or more of the same to collect colorful fish, crabs, jellyfish, and more for the store. With the money made after sales, purchase fun new displays and other store necessities to make it one of a kind. Take part in diving competitions, enjoy entertaining mini-games like Hidden Object, and as always, keep an eye on your oxygen level.

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Genre:  Match 3