Tripp's Adventures 

 Tripp's Adventures
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Tripp's Adventures Stats
  • Play 53 levels starting out easy and building in complexity as you progress.
  • Enjoy 10 interactive elements.
  • Maneuver with innovative game mechanics as you decide on which state is the best to keep Tripp moving.
  • Lose yourself in the delightful scenic and colorful graphics.
  • Build your collection of beautiful, magical objects as you move through the rooms of the tower.

Game Description

Help Tripp make his way back to the top of the magic tower to be reunited with his master in Tripp's Adventures, a delightful and challenging puzzle adventure game. Combine his state-shifting magical powers and your clever logical puzzle skills to overcome traps and obstacles. Collect an array of beautiful and magical finds along the way.

Following a dangerous explosion, Tripp the cute and enchanting pet of the tower's great wizard has landed in the basement. He is scared and worried and doesn't know where to go. The only power he has is his ability to shift from solid, to liquid, to gas, but he needs your guidance to know when to change states and to find the right path that will lead him back up to the top.

There are obstacles and traps to maneuver. Sometimes the only way to move forward and up is to move downward and back. Between the two of you, you'll find the right path and enjoy each other's company. You'll need keen timing as well as smart logic to make this adventure a success. Good luck!

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Genre:  AdventurePuzzle