Trinklit Supreme 

 Trinklit Supreme
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Trinklit Supreme Stats
  • Prepare yourself for endless fun in this deceptively simple Puzzle game.
  • Match two pieces to form a square and clear the board.
  • Play at your own pace in up to 15,000 levels with different variations.
  • Unlock power-ups to match pieces, score more points, or provide rewarding gifts.
  • Try a separate Daily Challenge mode for ongoing challenges.

Game Description

Enjoy hours of relaxing entertainment with Trinklit Supreme, an addictive challenge for puzzle lovers.

Prepare yourself for never-ending fun with the deceptively simple, yet challenging game play of Trinklit Supreme. Just select two puzzle pieces that form a complete square, and watch them disappear from the board as new ones fall into place. Once all are completely gone, it's on to the next level. Can you make all the right matches to clear the entire board?

Unlock power-ups to help you match pieces, score more points, or provide rewarding gifts. Use them any way you'd like in any type of combination, and play up to 15,000 levels with different variations! Can you discover every power-up? Can you achieve all the awards? Can you beat every daily challenge provided in a separate mode?

Critics give Trinklit Supreme 4 out of 5 stars and also state that "it is perfectly suited for short bursts of play". See for yourself you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Trinklit Supreme today!
Genre:  Puzzle