Treasure Hunters 

 Treasure Hunters
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Treasure Hunters Stats
  • Discover riches beyond your imagination in this Hidden Object treasure hunt.
  • Explore icy mountains, caves, and more to locate useful items.
  • Overcome puzzling obstacles while playing entertaining mini-games.
  • Use amazing power-ups including night vision goggles and a glove of power.

Game Description

Walk the path of danger to find immense riches in Treasure Hunters, a game tailor made for adventurers.

A whirlwind journey around the world takes you to the top of an icy mountain where, at its base, lies the entrance to a cave which is a doorway to a magnificent treasure. The cave however, is full of traps and machinations to overcome. It's nothing you haven't already experienced before, so your skills are up to the task, but this is only the beginning.

Find out what other great secrets lay ahead of you in this cryptic journey to discover wealth beyond your imagination. Search fantastic locations for objects of use and overcome the puzzling obstacles using your wits. Call on help from useful hints or amazing power-ups such as night vision goggles, a glove of power, and more. It's a fantastic quest as you unravel the mysteries of this treasure hunting expedition. Can you go all the way?

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Genre:  Hidden Object