Treasure Hunters
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Award Value: 1 Stamp
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Treasure Hunters 

Walk the path of danger to find immense riches in Treasure Hunters, a game tailor made for adventurers.

A whirlwind journey around the world takes you to the top of an icy mountain where, at its base, lies the entrance to a cave which is a doorway to a magnificent treasure. The cave however, is full of traps and machinations to overcome. It's nothing you haven't already experienced before, so your skills are up to the task, but this is only the beginning.

Find out what other great secrets lay ahead of you in this cryptic journey to discover wealth beyond your imagination. Search fantastic locations for objects of use and overcome the puzzling obstacles using your wits. Call on help from useful hints or amazing power-ups such as night vision goggles, a glove of power, and more. It's a fantastic quest as you unravel the mysteries of this treasure hunting expedition. Can you go all the way?

See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of the Treasure Hunters game today!

  • Discover riches beyond your imagination in this Hidden Object treasure hunt.
  • Explore icy mountains, caves, and more to locate useful items.
  • Overcome puzzling obstacles while playing entertaining mini-games.
  • Use amazing power-ups including night vision goggles and a glove of power.
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Reviews of Treasure Hunters
 | Added on: October 3, 2011
I couldn't stand all the mistakes in the game, it made it very confusing until I realized someone couldn't spell or just didn't check it out before they released it. Mag for mug, hummer for hammer? Seriously? This is a truly awful game and I was so looking forward to a good one. Developers everywhere, please get a spell check and learn the correct words for your objects.
 | Added on: October 10, 2011
Sorry, but I hated it. Such a yawn I didn't even finish it.
 | Added on: October 5, 2011
Game was way too easy. No real plot line. Finished it in about one hour. Do not recommend.
 | Added on: October 3, 2011
Enjoyed playing it but probably wouldn't save the game for future play
 | Added on: October 3, 2011
If you're wondering if you should buy this game the answer is NO. Boring annoying among other words to describe it.
 | Added on: September 30, 2011
Absolutely the most boring and mundane game I have ever played. The only thing challenging was trying to figure out some of the misnamed search items, except "search" is also incorrect since nothing is hidden. Puzzles could be easily solved by a three-year-old chimpanzee. Do you have a rating below one star?
 | Added on: October 17, 2011
MAN!!! i found nothing in this game to redeem it. there is a drastic contrast in the graphics-cartoony and then almost life-like. there were a lot of mistakes-i guess they're mistakes. maybe someone in this world does call a hammer a hummer. the mini games were so easy. i normally like easy, but these were a bit much-even too easy for me. i actually made myself play this game for about 30 mins, but i just coulnd't take any more. deleted it. bye, bye....
 | Added on: October 3, 2011
Thought this was going to be a fun game, but in the very first scene that you have to look for items, the word Hummer is listed when you are actually looking for a Hammer! Several scenes ask you to look for a Pipe.One scene has the actual smoking pipe, but a few other scenes the pipe is actually a telescope, and other long looking items that aren't actually a pipe. When you get to the underwater scene at the sunken ship, it asks you to look for a Mag, but it's really a Mug. Either someone really put this game together in a hurry & didn't spell check the words or a 7 year old created the game. Didn't get any further in the game because it was a waste of time & really frustrating trying to figure out the correct item needed.
 | Added on: October 3, 2011
I feel like a little kid, too easy of a game, being told what to do all the time, and can I say the changing from the glove, to the goggles, to the nav, etc is sooooooo...irritating!! Just not a game for me.
 | Added on: October 3, 2011
Well not much to say. The game is not very imaginative. The mini-games are super easy. The very first list of things to find says to find a "hummer" well they meant "hammer" which is carried out through the game. I guess that sums this one up.
 | Added on: October 3, 2011
This game belongs in a livestock manure pit. Our 5 year old granddaughter could draw better graphics than those in this game. The objects aren't hard to find, the puzzles can be figured out by a 5 year old, there is no challenge whatsoever. Our teenage sons, all of which love to play games, despised this game as well. This game was a complete waste of my time.
 | Added on: October 3, 2011
I did not play this game for 10 minutes before I Hated it. The power ups are the only thing that keep it even remotely interesting. Might be ok for a little kid but not an adult. Thumbs down on this one
 | Added on: October 3, 2011
I think a fair rating for this HO game would need to come from kids from about 9 or 10 years of age. The objects are well defined in the scenes and quite easy to find. And the game is very linear - no returning to previous scenes to pick up additional items. The one oddity is to see the hammer listed as a 'hummer' - but once you identify the association of the word to the object, it's the same for every instance. The mini puzzles are also very easy - there was only one I just could not wrap my mind around what the directions were wanting me to do, possibly a 9 year old could ;) I did play the game to the end, and the level of complexity is the same throughout - very easy. I just think either this was geared to the young and not mentioned in the game details or perhaps an early venture for new programers.
 | Added on: September 30, 2011
As an experienced HO gamer, I gave this about 20 minutes of my time before uninstalling. The graphics were somewhat amateur compared to others that I have played and the objects were almost not hidden at all. Kids my like it, but not most adults.
 | Added on: October 3, 2011
I played through the game but was totally bored. This adventure(?) aimlessly traveled here and there, crashing into one predicament to another with absolutely no goal. HO scenes were extremely easy. Even mini games were easy. By the way, if the list says hummer, which it does on numerous occasions, look for a hammer. Screws means bolts. It gets rather clicky when you have no idea what you're looking for. Game is okay for a rainy afternoon. This way if you take a nap you won't miss anything.
 | Added on: October 18, 2011
From the start you are told what to do and when to do it throughout the game. Nine percent (90%) of the HOs are the same in every scene. And, yes, you don’t even have to look for them …. You will spot them immediately. The puzzles are worthless. And, adding insult to injury, some of the words for the HOs are misspelled – i.e. “hummer” instead of “hammer”; “mag” instead of “mug”; or odd words are used to describe certain objects – i.e. “watch” instead of hourglass and “besom” instead of “broom”. To top it all, at one point, the game froze and when I closed it (by using end task) it rearranged all the icons on my desktop! That’s it – I am not even going to finish this brainless game.
 | Added on: October 3, 2011
I can't believe I finished this game =.=. I'm just curious how it ends, turns out to be very disappointing as well. All HO and puzzles are very easy, I didn't bother to look at the HO list, just randomly clicking things that stands out, 8 out of 10 it will be the thing. Either the developer is crazy for Hummer or it's a very bad case of misspell for every hammer. I won't let any child play this game unless I want to screw up their vocabulary. Everything is predetermined, even the puzzles, nothing to explore and tickle my brain a little. Totally worthless, don't even deserve 1 star, GH should allow 0 star rating for games like this :).
 | Added on: September 30, 2011
I have rarely found a HO game that I didn't enjoy to "some" extent. I got about 15 minutes into this and just couldn't take any more. The English translation is horrible on the ones that stick around long enough to even read them. Every move you make to another area has to "load" which is boring. The mini games are so simple a 4 year old could do them. I'm a GameHouse member and love the site and play some download game every day. So many wonderful games to choose from. This just isn't one of them and will delete it and save the memory space for something more worthy. I would rate this less than the one star but it didn't give me that option.
 | Added on: October 5, 2011
DO NOT GET THIS STUPID GAME. You can find 95% of the items on the screen before you even look at the list of items needed. Scene chages are very slow
 | Added on: September 30, 2011
While trying the demo, game was boring in most places and not enough instructions/how to to do required task; did not get far into game to see if I would buy. So at this time I would not waste my money on it. Might be kid friendly but I think they would get fustrated first....
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