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Break through into the buried pass to save a town in Torchlight, an incredible adventure of discovery, danger, and redemption.

The town of Torchlight almost immediately flared to life overnight as word spread that huge veins of Ember, a magical ore treasured by alchemists and the wealthy, was buried deep within nearby caverns. But a great evil lies within the caverns, one that corrupts the ore and those who seek it, destroying civilizations in its wake. Now, one hero must venture into the mines and seek out that evil to destroy it or Torchlight and its people are doomed to suffer the same fate.

Choose your hero from three valiant character classes and venture into the dungeons below Torchlight to root out the villains. Explore randomly generated levels to battle a variety of monsters in pursuit of peace. Find new equipment and upgrades, bring along a helpful companion pet, and complete a variety of amazing quests.

Critics call Torchlight a "first-rate fix of hacking and slashing" that "hits all the highs of the Action RPG genre." See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Torchlight today!

  • Become the hero of a magical mining town in this incredible Action RPG.
  • Select your course from three valiant classes and venture into monster-filled dungeons.
  • Explore randomly generated levels to experience a different challenge each time.
  • Find new equipment and upgrades to complete a variety of amazing quests.
  • Bring along a helpful companion pet to fight, carry items, and more.
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Reviews of Torchlight
 | Added on: January 7, 2016
This was VERY like Diablo.. with elements from 1,2,&3... you get a "helper" like you do in Diablo 2, and seem a bit OP (overpowered) as in Diablo 3.. I played for quite some time and it wasn't very challenging.. have been playing rpgs/mmos for years.. Diablo (first) was challenging.. you die and lose your stuff and hope you can get it back...Maybe it seemed Way Too Easy because I am a veteran, IDK... otherwise, could be a good game for new rpgers looking for a game you can upgrade your armor, spells, enhancements, etc...
 | Added on: November 3, 2011
An awesome RPG game. It is pretty much a re-working of the old Fate game with enhanced graphics and some new twists (new weapons, new monsters, better storyline and nice side-quests). But it is hours of fun!
 | Added on: November 18, 2011
My biggest objection to this game is that the levels seem to shift. At one point, armor and weapons at the max, you are kicking monsters, next, you and your pet are getting whaled on. The game has the look of Dungeon Keeper, and the feel of Krondor, but it doesn't manage to achieve either.
 | Added on: October 24, 2011
Wow, I downloaded this game because my brain needed a break from HOG's and Match 3's. I didn't expect much from this game because I didn't think it would play as well on a computer. To my surprise I got the hang of it and I am soooo addicted that I can not get enough of it. It has awesome graphics. I love the fact that you get different quests. I am waiting for Zelda to come out but heck this is right up there with it and with my FunPass I don't have to pay any extra and I can play as long as I want to. I have only made it to level 6 so far. I am not sure how many levels there are but I don't think I will get bored anytime soon. What a game. I would play this one over again just for kicks.
 | Added on: October 19, 2011
Great game. Something to get your teeth into at last. I love RPG and give thanks to Gamehouse for this opportunity. It took a bit of time getting used to the interface and the magic spells etc. The little map in the top helps to navigate. Great characters to interact with and nice not to go it alone. I'm nowhere near the finish yet but its going well and I would recommend players give it a go. Not for young children though.The graphics, quests and layout are well presented and the replay with different characters could just go on and on. So far me and my cat find it really absorbing stuff.
 | Added on: October 24, 2011
In sum: Torchlight is a fantasy RPG, sort of like WoW or Fate: Undiscovered Realms. There are three classes of fighters to choose from. First, the Alchemist, who uses the power of a substance called “ember” found in the many deep dungeons beneath the town of Torchlight. He is the “mage” type of character, and doesn’t excel in melee combat, but is decent with long ranged attacks. The skills he possesses are varied, and powerful. Second is the Vanquisher, the expert marksman. She excels in dispatching enemies by use of bows, guns, pistols, etc., and also by setting traps. Each time your character levels up, you receive skill points. If those points are used properly coupled with good weapons, she can be turned into a decent melee fighter, though she isn’t much of a mage. Third is the Destroyer, the tank warrior of the three. He’s built for melee combat and defeats enemies with devastating blows. He is more suited for combat and ranged attacks, and less for magically inclined weapons. My personal favorite is the Vanquisher because of her high HP and marksmanship. For many of the monsters in Torchlight, its best you take them out before they reach your character. The monsters tend to come in waves, especially as you descend deeper into the dungeons. The goal of the game is to traverse the many dark realms beneath Torchlight to save the town and townspeople from an ancient evil, and follow Alric (a fallen mage) to the final dungeon, where you will battle Ordrak. Ordrak is the very “Incarnate of Corruption” that is causing Torchlight’s demise. He is also the final and most challenging boss. As you move through the different locations, you are able to pick up armor, weapons, potions, go fishing, and complete quests. A Few Tips: Make sure to pick up spells such as Town Portal or Heal Self/Heal All, that way you won’t have to pick up Town Portal Scrolls and carry as many healing potions. Equip your pet with defensive spells. Any items you don't want can be sold for gold. Upgrade your weapons and armor often. The better your defense, the less damage you'll take. Socket Ember/Other stones into your weapons and armor to improve attack and defense. Fill up your pet's inventory and send it to town to sell unwanted items. Return to Torchlight immediately after you complete a quest so you can move onto the next quickly. If you are inexperienced with these types of games, I suggest Easy or Normal. Overall, this game is awesome and DEFINITELY worth the money, as it takes quite a long time to complete.
 | Added on: October 21, 2011
Great game for people who like games where you run around questing and trying to pick up better weapons and armour. Torchlight adds your pet (cat or dog) and the ability to change them temporarily by feeding them fish (which you catch in the dungeons) An addictive game!
 | Added on: October 21, 2011
If you've ever played Fate, you'll know exactly how to play this game...the graphics are different but it is essentially the same game. I like the choice of characters that you can choose to be better on this game. And I also like that there isn't any annoying background sounds like there is in Fate. What I don't like is the is rather confusing but you are allowed more items than in Fate. I don't like how dark the town is...just as dark as the dungeon; it's nice to actually surface from the dephs once in a while.
 | Added on: October 21, 2011
This is an awesome RPG/LFA game! The graphics and levels are fun, and it's easy to lose track of time exploring level after level and fighting the creatures. It's a great value, too, because there is definite replay entertainment here. Thank you, Gamehouse! I want more games like this!! :)
 | Added on: November 7, 2011
I truly tried to play this one but quickly became board with the game style and characters. I usually like problem solving type games but this one didn't catch my interest. It is a very particular style and given the usual range of game on gamehouse I would be surprised if this was of great interest to many members. it is nothing like the usual action games that are offered - or even promoted as being similar! not my cup of tea and I won't be recommending it.
 | Added on: October 22, 2011
I think what I love the most about this game is the fact that you dont finish in 2 hours. It has a lot of levels and its fun to explore and find treasure, etc. Very fun! I would really like to see more of this type of game. Thank you Gamehouse!
 | Added on: March 4, 2012
Very challenging and the higher the level the more so. Lots of variety and play options. Not for small children but every one else should love it. Hours and hours and hours of fun here. I recommended it highly.
 | Added on: October 19, 2011
I love these kinds of game. I played Fate and Fate 2, and it seems the same developers do this, since it's exactly the same, just some modifications. Great graphics, nice sounds. Not much of a story, just simple dungeon RPG. You play a hero going deeper and deeper into a dungeon wiping out mobs. Fun and feels good to smash monsters for relaxing (dang my fun is so twisted XD). Plenty of modes (from very easy to very hard, and extreme mode that death is permanent, ouch). 3 classes to choose from: fighter, shooter, mage. But actually you can choose any of them and develop in any way since you can equip any weapons and add skill/stat points as you like. I do a hybrid of mage and shooter, those minions are very helpful. Really good replay for different combinations. Tons of quests, main and side, and you get to upgrade your armors/weapons with enchants or gems. There's nice feature to extract gem/destroy item or destroy gem/keep item, but I don't think you need to worry about that until late in game. Anyway, it's a great game that promises days/weeks/months of fun if you like RPG. Well, of course those MMORPG are still nicer, but this has its charm.
 | Added on: October 18, 2011
This game is about killing monsters and collecting loot. You kill things, they drop items, and you find the best armor and weapons in those dropped items to make yourself even more powerful, then go kill more monsters. That sounds simple and repetitive, and it is; what it doesn't convey is how fun and addictive killing monsters and collecting loot can be. :-) Some RPG's (e.g. The Witcher or Dragon Age: Origins) have deep, interesting stories and a large number of varied quests and interesting characters. Torchlight isn't like that. It has just enough story to justify your going down to the dungeon and killing stuff and collecting loot. It's mindless fun, yet it IS fun. Feeling strong and powerful and dispatching hordes of monsters while barely breaking a sweat is a nice change from ordinary life, and if you like to acquire stuff, well, Torchlight has your number. :-) I find Torchlight especially fun on days when I'm feeling grumpy, out of sorts, and not as with-it as usual. It's truly perfect for those PMS days. :-) It's quite a long game, so there are many hours of play in this one, plus having three different character classes means that the game has some replay value. I bought this game a year ago, before it was on GameHouse, so I don't know if the GameHouse version has been altered at all from the version that I played.
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