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Torchlight Stats
  • Become the hero of a magical mining town in this incredible Action RPG.
  • Select your course from three valiant classes and venture into monster-filled dungeons.
  • Explore randomly generated levels to experience a different challenge each time.
  • Find new equipment and upgrades to complete a variety of amazing quests.
  • Bring along a helpful companion pet to fight, carry items, and more.

Game Description

Break through into the buried pass to save a town in Torchlight, an incredible adventure of discovery, danger, and redemption.

The town of Torchlight almost immediately flared to life overnight as word spread that huge veins of Ember, a magical ore treasured by alchemists and the wealthy, was buried deep within nearby caverns. But a great evil lies within the caverns, one that corrupts the ore and those who seek it, destroying civilizations in its wake. Now, one hero must venture into the mines and seek out that evil to destroy it or Torchlight and its people are doomed to suffer the same fate.

Choose your hero from three valiant character classes and venture into the dungeons below Torchlight to root out the villains. Explore randomly generated levels to battle a variety of monsters in pursuit of peace. Find new equipment and upgrades, bring along a helpful companion pet, and complete a variety of amazing quests.

Critics call Torchlight a "first-rate fix of hacking and slashing" that "hits all the highs of the Action RPG genre." See for yourself when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Torchlight today!
Genre:  Action