Tinseltown Dreams - The 50's
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  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 10
  • 1 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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Tinseltown Dreams - The 50's 

Create your own silver screen memories in Tinseltown Dreams - The 50's Deluxe, a star-studded escapade where you are the mover and shaker. A small-time Hollywood studio is on the brink of shutting down unless it can figure out a way to deliver the next big blockbuster. As the new producer, will you be able to make all the right calls and deliver box-office gold?

  • Deliver box-office gold in this rewarding 3-in-a-row extravaganza.
  • Earn your budget to hire the professional cast and crew as you see fit.
  • Customize the sets with props and arrange the shots to your liking.
  • Use exciting power-ups, combo bonuses, and a wild popcorn maker.
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Reviews of Tinseltown Dreams - The 50's
 | Added on: July 7, 2011
It is a excellent game that caught my full attention, The game is entertaining , creative and easy to play.
 | Added on: February 8, 2012
The part where you build your own movie stage was good, but the main game play another match 3 type game was monotonous and I got bored of it right away. There was a little I liked like the car that would drive through the board if you made a match of 5, and the popcorn craze, but over all it just seamed very same old same old rinse and repeat. I guess it's just not my cup of tee, as this same match 3 concept is in hundreds of games out there and I've played them all and am starving for a little variety. The staging part was good, but could use some improvement, but it was still a good thing. Also it is a big plus to not be time stressed in this game.
 | Added on: May 26, 2010
I must say I really loved this. This rocks. Definitely one of the best match 3 I've ever played as your actually participating and not just "matching." Another bomb game in my opinion as you get to make 7 different movies: A romance, comedy, horror, adventure, musical, sci-fi, and a western. You also get to choose who directs it, screen writer, actors/actresses, choose the props you want (how you want your movie set to look), etc. The goal is to clear the gold squares as quickly as possible to try and earn as much money as you can, try to get the key and treasure chest next to each other so you can unlock it for even more props which I found that part along with clicking on the "popcorn" a little challenging. Especially the popcorn cause you have to click and be quick cause it doesn't stay on the screen very long. At the end of each movie you are graded (stars) and you also get to name your movie. It's best to hire the people and buy the props that cost the most of course to get a five star rating which is the only downside because I found as I went through the game mainly choosing the same people to get the best rating but way to go Gamehouse as this was sure a different spin on a match 3 game. Sure hope to see similar games to this.
 | Added on: June 3, 2010
An original concept. I'm sure this will spawn a lot of spin-offs. Enjoyable and entertaining, but it could have been longer, with a wider selection of cast and crew. If they make a new version (the 60's maybe?) I will be sure to buy it. I think the developers are really on to something with this one!
 | Added on: June 18, 2010
This was definitely a new spin on the match 3. Creating your own movie set based on the movie theme was a blast. You can easily earn enough "money" to purchase the best. In fact, the only draw back was that there wasn't enough variety in choosing props and people (repetition) so that you won the 5 star rating. All in all a lot of fun.
 | Added on: June 1, 2010
I thought this was a great idea and a really good spin on a Match 3 game! The movie themes and the look of them definitely makes you think of the old 50's movies. I really liked the concept and making the movies was very neat..for the first 2. I wanted to keep going to see what each movie theme was and what props went with them - but the playing part got a little tedious and repetitive - so I got a little worn out and didn't feel locked in my chair to keep playing this one. But just for the concept - really great!
 | Added on: May 26, 2010
it was very easy to earn money with this match 3 game-you earn money to finance movies you're tasked with filming-romance/western/sci-fi movies. u have to start from scratch-hiring actors/film crew-directors, lighting, sound, costume designers, etc-buying set props-upgrading equipment. as easy as it was to earn the money, and hire the best people in each category, it was still very cool to see the set come alive-you can change stuff up as much as u want-move things, remove items, put them back. as you're earning money, you get different gifts to help remove the gold tiles on the board-a car that roars thru the board knocking off tiles-2 shooters that shoot items off the board. those things made me laugh. a very good game to relax with. i think it's a great game for kids, too...
 | Added on: February 8, 2012
I just love this original Match-3 game. We are all in a 50" movie theater. The gameplay is unique and the visual quality is very good.I recommend it!
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