Throne of Olympus
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  • Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1.2 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 1024 MB Ram
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Throne of Olympus 

Become the worthy successor to Zeus in Throne of Olympus, an engaging clash of titans.

Zeus, the king of the gods, decides that the time has come to step down and pass his throne to one of the younger gods. After careful consideration, he selects his daughter Athena but others who want the crown for themselves quickly oppose the choice. To settle the manner, Athena challenges the Olympians to a duel.

Help Athena become the worthy successor to Zeus in this fantastic Match 3 battle game. Play against the most powerful Olympians and their minions including Poseidon, Hera, Medusa and more. Master 18 different types of elemental attacks, level up your own powers to withstand their advances, and win the throne.

Try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of Throne of Olympus today!

  • Challenge the Olympians to magnificent contests in the Match 3 battle game.
  • Play against Poseidon, Hera, Medusa, and more to win the throne of Zeus.
  • Visit 12 different temples to clear 45 challenging levels.
  • Master 18 different elemental attacks and level up your powers.
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Reviews of Throne of Olympus
 | Added on: January 20, 2012
This game is very well done, bright color, mthy, 3 in a roll match and defeat your riveal and have fun doing it with good music to boot. Win your place on the throne and win crushing blows with each win.
 | Added on: January 23, 2012
like this M3G. like that u have apponates-not just the other gods themselves,but their minions. the graphics r gr8, love the music. there is a lot of strategy in this game-matching certain colors to activate very helpful powerups. luv the bronze curse-if u save up the other powerups, & use them when ur apponant is bronzed u can do a lot of damage. of course so can they. i was beaten several times in the hr trial. challenging enuf to be fun, but not so difficult as to make me want to pull my hair out. good job on this one
 | Added on: January 19, 2012
I enjoyed this game - it takes the basic match three, gives powers based on the colors matched, then you get to take turns trying to defeat various opponents to reach to goal of the Throne of Olympus. Easy to learn the basics, harder to learn the best strategies. The turn taking really provides an interesting twist - you want what is best for you, without setting up a great move for your opponent - easier said then done.
 | Added on: January 18, 2012
If you want a repeative game this is the one for you. No real change in game format apart from obtaining different "weapons" to help you kill the enemy faster. Graphics are great and was quick to download even on a dial up connection.
 | Added on: January 20, 2012
Most disappointing game, as you have to wait for your opponent to play ! Might suit people with time on their hands or for kids who want a simple game. I deleted the demo after 10 mins as it was just too slow on my speedy computer. Defiinately not worth purchasing.
 | Added on: January 19, 2012
Loved this game, I like "easy" RPG games, then I like match 3 game, and you now have both mixed together, perfect ! You do have to think about your moves, but not quite as hard as RPG can be, and at the same time, you need to match 3 gems to get power-ups to defeat your opponents. Would love another game like this one !
 | Added on: January 18, 2012
I appreciate the designers wanting to create a match 3 game with novelty and excitement. Here, you have the Greek gods battling for power via match 3 games. The different matching gems correlate with different spells, and as you make matches, you are increasing the strength of various spells, such as a fire bolt, a freezing spell, or a bronzing spell. You use these spells during the matching game to try to eliminate your opponent, who has similar fire power. After playing a few levels, and figuring out the value of the spells, it became apparent that there was some strategy to be learned in how best to be victorious in these contests of power. However, the game, curiously, provides no help section or advice on how to play the game. I will tell you that as you are offered different power upgrades between levels to take them, because they are cumulative; you won't lose the ones you had in the previous level. I think some people will find this game fascinating and enjoy the strategy of which gems to match first and which spells to power up first, and then figuring out (quickly!) the most effective order in which to use the spells. It was all just a little too much work for me. Visually, the graphics and animations are pretty good, but not outstanding, and in places the animations repeated over and over. And with all that firepower from the spell casting, the game moves a little slow.
 | Added on: January 18, 2012
very dissappointed in this game ruined a good match three,which happens to be my favourite genre.why do i have to compete,i play for relaxation not to get het up in competition,alright i know some people thrive on it but not me,why didnt they give you an option for single play? would have made a better game.i definately would not buy this game,please go back to simple match three.
 | Added on: January 23, 2012
Yes, this is a very simple match 3 game. The graphics of the players are amazing! I like an easy, relaxing match 3 while I am watching TV or running between tasks/chores so I don't have to focus too much and can walk away between game moves. I liked that I could take time to think about my best move to pummel my opponent.Who doesn't like to defeat an opponent?! I'm going to keep this one and play it through more times and I'll try all 3 levels; easy, normal and hard.
 | Added on: January 18, 2012
This game has good graphics and different characters but I played for an hour and the board never got any bigger or more challenging, and there were no other views, no other games. As you matched different colors you could zap your opponent with new missiles but that got to be boring also. I may check back to see if anyone got further into the game than I did. It may be I just didn't play long enough to get to the real challenging parts of the game.
 | Added on: January 23, 2013
This can be very easy match 3 game (no timer, but have to defeat opponent to proceed) or it can challenge you to establish strategy. You gain hit points or powers at the end of each battle, and choosing which at any given point is part of the strategy. I'm hooked on this game, and play through over and over, making different choices, to determine the best strategy to yield the most points and best play. Learning the features of each power, and determining the best use of them (I find combinations of the extra turns with specific powers really rack up the points) has made this one of my go-to games for fun and relaxation. Love to play with the various options to see what makes the highest point accumulations. Had to learn to let the opponent beat me up without defeating me to increase the points on each level. That balance in itself is the hardest strategy to master, as much depends on the luck of the board. I can see where this might not be fun for everyone, but it's one of my favorites.
 | Added on: January 19, 2012
Nice twist on match 3 games. Rather than you against the computer, its you against an AI, in this case Athena against the gods of Olympus and their minions. Strategy behind creating matches determines victory. Graphics were decently done.
 | Added on: March 29, 2013
I got it on a special so no big deal. It was pretty boring and the your turn, my turn thing I found annoying. Just let me kill the monster, or let it be a roadblock rather than a pretend player. It's OK but not my cup of tea.
 | Added on: February 28, 2012
I thoroughly enjoyed this game. If you want a pure Match 3 this is the one. You are given an opponent to beat in each round. You are also given the option of adding hit points to your score or select a power which effects your opponent. I learned to balance the selection of the power with adding points as I was getting creamed by just adding power plays. The graphics and sound effects are great. This is the type of game that even when you complete all of the rounds is fun just to play.
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