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The Tiny Tale 

 The Tiny Tale
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The Tiny Tale Stats
  • Play 40 challenging and entertaining levels.
  • Cast a variety of spells to grow trees, speed gremlin actions, and more.
  • Defend your progress from the threats of a gamut unique of enemies.
  • As you gather flowers, choose from a range of outfits to dress your helpers.

Game Description

After an evil wizard stole the four elements and destroyed the kingdom, the King called on all the heroes for help. Only one came forward – you are the ancient Shaman who commands the gremlins in The Tiny Tale, a quirky time management game with a diverse cast of funny, outlandish characters.

Lead a quest to recover the four elements from the evil wizard, and along the way restore the kingdom to its natural abundance. With your hardworking band of gremlins, bring home pumpkins and meat, gather gold and wood, brew potions, and defeat a variety of marauders. With magic spells to aid your progress, build new homes, bridges, and manufacturing buildings.

Gradually and deliberately make your way toward the dungeons of the evil wizard when you play the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of The Tiny Tale today!