The Stroke of Midnight Platinum Edition
System Requirements
  • System Requirements
  • Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8 / Windows 10
  • 1 GHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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The Stroke of Midnight Platinum Edition 

Expose the anguish of a tragic love triangle in Victorian-era Transylvania with The Stroke of Midnight Deluxe, a haunting trip to reunite two lovers. A romance author takes a trip to an old castle in Transylvania hoping to spark the inspiration for her latest book. When she arrives, the ghosts of this once magnificent palace play out their heart-breaking story before her very eyes.

  • reunite lost lovers in their afterlife with this stunning Victorian-era adventure
  • walk the halls of a Transylvanian castle and immerse yourself in 20 unique 3D locations
  • experience this captivating journey infused with puzzle and hidden object elements
  • enjoy many extras such as additional levels, a printable version of the completed novel, and a screensaver
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Reviews of The Stroke of Midnight Platinum Edition
 | Added on: April 18, 2011
I am a huge HOG player & although this game had a decent storyline, I feel it was seriously over priced! The only extra you get for this "Premium" game is a "novel" telling the story you just played! The HOG's were easy. Once you figure out how to get help & hints, the puzzles were too. I finished the games in just a couple of hours, so I'm very disappointed in the wasted money :-(
 | Added on: April 14, 2011
The graphics are wonderful, the story interesting, but the game is does not doe them justice. You are told what to do in each scene without even asking for hints, there are long pauses between scenes, and the puzzles are extremely easy. I finished this in a couple of hours. Definitely not worth purchasing.
 | Added on: April 15, 2011
Enjoyed this game, although not as challenging as others I've played. Good game tho...
 | Added on: April 18, 2011
All I can say is stunning. I was left feeling like I was truly in the game. I loved the 3d imaging and the graphics of the game in itself. The only thing that I found lacking was the ending. It does have the potential for a sequel and I hope there's another one coming soon. I loved the fact that I could save the novel for pleasure reading. It was amazing. Great job, GameHouse! Keep making games LIKE THIS ONE!
 | Added on: April 15, 2011
I played this game in spite of the reviews and due to the fact I was hurting for a hidden object game to play. I am not sorry that I did. This game as produced has a slight twist from the presentation of most HOG's. The game abounds with hints should one be lost, the gamer just has to discover how to produce those hints. Puzzles are skip-able. There is one task that I found that produced no hints, it was challenging but quite do-able. The story of the game is adequate. The game while not a WOW it does provide the gamer satisfaction. Satisfaction that one mastered what the production team was trying to accomplish. My suggestion is to stick with it, role with the game and perhaps while the game may not provide all you want in a game you may come to enjoy the programming that had to be done to bring the game to us.
 | Added on: April 18, 2011
The recent lack of HOGs that could hold my interest lead to me downloading this one despite some of the reviews. The graphics are awesome. The storyline was pretty typical. The hints, once I figured them out, were helpful. The minigames were pretty standard for a HOG. At least there is a skip button. I finished in about two hours. While I don't think it was a waste of time, I don't think I would have paid for it after a one hour demo. One warning, if games can make you "car sick" this one might do it. I got a bit queasy at a couple of points. But I can get carsick faster than anyone I know.
 | Added on: April 18, 2011
OK, let's get the bad news over with first. Too many s-l-o-o-o-o-w loads, too many blackout screens. I initially loaded program, had a problem, uninstalled and reloaded. Got a little better, but still had intermittent glitches. Game took too long to get into and out of. Because of this I only gave this game 3 stars, but definitely should have been a 5-star. It had everything you wanted. Fabulous 3D graphics with turning 180 degree panoramic views, interesting story line, and a new aspect to HO which I have not seen before. There were a few negative reviews about the game not having any hints, but they were there. You just had to learn how to get them. The house was downright creepy. Tasks/clues were written on full length mirrors so everything you needed was right in front of you. No journals to open to find tasks, and you didn't have any hint buttons that needed recharging. Zooming down the halls of the mansion was like being on a roller coaster, same in-the-gut exhilaration. However, I wish there were more to do. I feel I spent more time waiting for scenes to load than actuall playing time. It ended too quickly (talking about actual playing time). I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did and I hope the designers learn a thing or two from the reviews. Looking forward for a sequel.
 | Added on: April 25, 2011
Good game for a beginner. Search scenes are repetative so you can move through quickly. Not something I would play again - way too easy for experienced players.
 | Added on: September 8, 2012
Took only 3 days to finish game. Went thru the game the 1st time, but couldn't figure the anti-fever medicine puzzle, so I skipped it. I thought perhaps there might be an alternate ending if I finished the I looked up the solution online, however the end-of-game was the same. Slightly disappointed in the length of time to complete vs. the cost. Graphics are excellent and older children might enjoy.
 | Added on: December 15, 2012
I loved the graphics and the presentation but was kind of disappointed in the conclusion. Led to believe you could change the course of events as it turned out I wasn't sure. Therein lies the replay possibilities, maybe it could change if you are quick enough and don't get hung up or confused in the end game. I am a little perplexed, but not sure if I want to play again to find out. Overall though, I cannot fault the graphics, or interplay, stunning visuals and fun quest figuring it all out, but the urgency and uncertainty at the end are perplexing. Play it with FunPass and you decide, purchase and play again? I myself, have not yet decided.
 | Added on: April 14, 2011
I found this game really frustrating, and I really want to like it, but I couldnt handle anymore after about 30 minutes. Once I got to tuning the piano, I think there was glitch, and I got so annoyed I didnt want to play anymore. The direction is lacking and you cannot pick up items to save for later, you can only pick them up once you have "activated" where they need to be used.
 | Added on: April 21, 2011
I enjoyed playing this game. Loved the feeling of being there. The only thing I didn't like was no inventory and having to use objects as you find them. Other than that, a great game.
 | Added on: April 13, 2011
I am undecided on this game, just from the hour of play I am not sure I would continue. The story could be interesting, and the play could be too, but the way the game pauses into a black screen for what seems like an eternity while you guess it's loading a new scene, and the way it moves/glides you from one place to the other almost made me dizzy! Plus I felt no sense of direction throughout, and the mirror things were irritating. The puzzles too easy, and the putting things together was more than irritating-I see an object I want to pick it up and put it into an inventory for when I need it, but it will not let you do that, you have to figure out the issue then go back to the object and pick it up and use it then. Was kind of annoying really. Too bad, it could of been a good one.
 | Added on: April 25, 2011
The 3D graphics are wonderful. Although the ho's are really pretty easy, I really enjoyed the game as I liked the story and the graphics. I did not have any problems with the screen changes and it was just a fun game to play.
 | Added on: April 14, 2011
I had different opinion of the game, I actually enjoyed playing it. I would have liked to rate it 3 1/2 stars, but that's not an option. Yes, there were a few times when the screen went black for 10-20 seconds while a new scene was loading, but it didn't bother me that much. And I liked the storyline, I'm a sucker for that sort of thing. I also was stuck in the ballroom where the harpsichord needed to be fixed, but luckily Gamezebo has a Walkthrough, so I had help figuring out what I was doing wrong. Then I couldn't believe I hadn't figured it out myself. Typical for me. There is no hint button, but if you click on the name of the item you are looking for in a hidden object scene, the object will be highlighted in the scene for you. I would have given this game a 5 if you were able to store items you find ahead of time in your took me a minute to realize I had to right click to get rid of objects when I couldn't use them right away...and if it didn't take a noticeable amount of time for the next scene to load. The panoramic views and scrolling left to right to view the whole scene didn't bother me. It's worth downloading if you have a FunPass account, but you may want to play the trial version before buying it.
 | Added on: April 18, 2011
I enjoyed the game and puzzles, but not the price. The bonus novel was not worth it. The 3-d was enjoyable new look to the game.The story line was predictable but fellow players take a trip into the past and you decide. Give it a try you might enjoy it.
 | Added on: April 14, 2011
Hmm, this game has beautiful graphics and the sweeping cinematic stuff was lovely - I thought it felt like flying round the place which was great fun! The problem was, there was almost no actual gameplay. For one thing, the puzzles were way too easy, and made even easier by being told EXACTLY what to do all the time; I didn't get to work anything out for myself, which seemed a bit pointless. For another, there was only about one VERY SIMPLE puzzle per scene; about two thirds (or even more) of the time I was sitting doing nothing while the scene changed to the next one (took an absolute age every time) or a cut scene played out (way too much of the game-time was made up of cut scenes). I spent far more time doing nothing than I did doing something! And when I did get to do something, it was literally just picking up a key and putting it in a lock or something. Also the controls were fiddly and didn't seem to work very well. It was actually very tricky to pick things up and use them. I thought it was disappointing given the amazing cinematics but others may find it relaxing and not too taxing.
 | Added on: April 26, 2011
Overall, I enjoyed the game quite a bit. The black scene between scenes bothered me a bit (especially since there were times it took a few seconds to load and I wondered if the game were frozen), but I survived them. I enjoyed the ability to pan around a bit, and the not having to go back and forth to find objects was a nice change - although that did make the game quite a bit easier. The storyline grabbed my attention, and I thought the novel at the end was a nice touch. Definitely worth playing. (I gave it 4 instead of 5 stars because of the black screen between the scenes. If the scene had loaded quicker or the screen had had a progress bar of some kind, I would have given the game a full five stars.)
 | Added on: April 15, 2011
I love that this game is in 3-d!The story line is amazing and I like that you can skip certain puzzles without getting a penalty.You can also get hints where certain items are in the hidden object puzzles and you don't have a certain number of them to use!I recommend this game!
 | Added on: March 29, 2012
Others have mentioned this, but it takes forever to go from scene to scene and you get a black screen in between. I thought my computer had gone kaput! The objects are easy enough to find but you go back to the same scenes over and over. Interesting graphics though and some cute puzzles. I never did figure out how to fold the paper to find the hidden clues. Had to skip those. Not the best game because of the extremely slow play. Could have been a lot better.
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