The Secret Legacy - A Kate Brooks Adventure
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  • 1.5 GHz Pentium 4 or equivalent
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The Secret Legacy - A Kate Brooks Adventure 

Seek out a trove of Egyptian treasures to discover a hidden heritage in The Secret Legacy - A Kate Brooks Adventure, a captivating journey.

Kate has the grim task of cleaning out her late grandmother's office at the university where she worked as a history professor. In the office, Kate finds a letter addressed to her and soon discovers the possibility that her grandmother's death was unnatural. The cryptic message also reveals secrets of a great treasure buried deep in Egypt. Can Kate recover it before it lands in the hands of her grandmother's killers?

Travel from the university to half way around the globe and find out. Collect clues to resolve the mystery behind her grandmother's death and those responsible. Search for valuable items in magnificent scrolling scenes designed with virtual 3D for a completely new dimension of game play. Solve cunning puzzles and play entertaining mini-games. Uncover the truth and reveal Kate's secret legacy.

Try the free trial version or downloading the full-unlimited version of The Secret Legacy - A Kate Brooks Adventure today!

  • Take a dangerous globetrotting adventure with this superb Hidden Object journey.
  • Resolve the mystery behind a grandmother's passing and those responsible for it.
  • Search for valuable items in magnificent scrolling scenes designed with virtual 3D.
  • Explore more than 30 beautiful and detailed environments.
  • Solve cunning puzzles and play entertaining mini-games.
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Reviews of The Secret Legacy - A Kate Brooks Adventure
 | Added on: June 15, 2011
The story was okay. I didn't like the fact that once you found an item, it did not disappear from the screen so you were left wondering which items you already found.
 | Added on: June 9, 2011
This is your average HO adventure. The graphics are decent and the puzzles not that difficult to solve (if you get stuck there is a Skip option). I rated this somewhat challenging because, whether by design or due to a glitch, the objects in the lists never disappear or get checked off after you've found them which cost this game a star. You either have to try and remember what you've found or make your own list. I was compelled to keep playing this one because of the story of the pharaoh's son and the slave girl. It's not a bad game so give it a whirl but make sure you make your own list of items to keep track of what you've found.
 | Added on: June 30, 2011
I like this game because you are able to move across the screen and get close some items.
 | Added on: July 5, 2011
I have not played right through this game yet but so far, I am enjoying it, Cheers have a great week!
 | Added on: June 16, 2011
I liked the game, though it was just OK. The story moved a little too slow. The graphics were good, however, the details including hidden objects were too small. Also it was hard to keep track of hidden objects found from the alpha list, since the words do not disappear when you find a hidden object.
 | Added on: June 9, 2011
Pretty standard HO game. Graphics are really nice. Objects are well hidden. The challenge was the object list. When you find an object, it doesn't disappear from the list or "grey out" so it's difficult to keep track of what you've found. You have to remember what you've found and what you're still looking for. That aggravated me so I deleted the game before I finished. If you don't mind that aspect, it's an okay game.
 | Added on: June 17, 2011
ok, so the graphics at 1st glance on this game were great. but, once i was trying to find items, they became less great-difficult to see, too small. the 3d element was cool, but not really helpful. the fact that the found items were not crossed off the list was just crazy. i found that the graphics, the items not being crossed off annoying enuf to take the fun out of this game...
 | Added on: June 9, 2011
This looks like it could have been an interesting game. Unfortunately, it is just frustrating. The list of items to be found appears, but none of the items are checked off or removed (except during silhouette searches) after locating the items. You have to keep at least a mental list yourself. There is a hint button, but all it does it tell you that you need to find items - it doesn't help you locate them. I quit after the third scene since I was having no fun at all!
 | Added on: June 15, 2011
This is a pretty standard HOG. The finds are fairly easy BUT I had a big problem with the fact the list of items remains unchanged as you find the object. It became frustrating unless you went in order of the list, which I HATE doing. I gave it 3 stars for content rather than play. I would not replay or recommend until the list problem gets fixed.
 | Added on: June 16, 2011
Very annoying when items didn't come off list when found, but I liked the game enough to buy it! Not the best game I've bought from Gamehouse, bu they can't all be 5 star!
 | Added on: June 13, 2011
I don't have much to add to the other reviews. The word list problem, the click-on-object problem. I thought the graphics were poor. Everything looked a little fuzzy. Also each scene was dimly lit. The silouette list had objects that did not quite match exactly. So many bad things, but still worthy of a 2 star rating.
 | Added on: June 10, 2011
Agree with the other reviewers that the lack of a method to track the objects found is frustrating. Its loses a star for such an oversight. Also had an issue with lack of alignment of a few objects with the designated click point. If you click directly on the object, nothing happens, click slightly away from it and it disappears. I did like the story line, it motivated me to continue with the game, but otherwise, its just an OK HO game. Its not hard to break away from.
 | Added on: May 24, 2013
This HOG has great features - HO, silhouettes, puzzles... The 3D graphics are cool and objects are sometimes hideen behind items and they move when you use your cursor to scroll. Recommend starting with relaxed mode; the tutorial is helpful. The storyline really kept me in the game.
 | Added on: June 13, 2011
This HOG has lots of great features - HOs, silhouettes, puzzles, lockboxes, etc. The only time the discovered objects are not erased from your list is during classic HO searches (clue: make your own checklist -duh!). The 3D graphics are cool and objects are sometimes hideen behind items (they move when you use your cursor to scroll L or R). Recommend starting with relaxed mode; the tutorial is helpful. Most of all, the storyline really kept me in the game - murder, arranged marriage, enchanting slave girl, all set in ancient Egypt!
 | Added on: June 15, 2011
The game has potential. But when you are solving a HO puzzle the items you find stay on the list so you will be unclear as to what you've already found and what needs finding! The story kept me yawning and I kept playing just to make it worth my time, but after a few hours of playing, I had to find anther more interesting game. Some may like this game but it wasn't for me.
 | Added on: June 16, 2011
The game was fun and interesting. Great story line.
 | Added on: June 9, 2011
There really isnt anything that makes this stand out from the rest of the hidden object games. My problem is that when you do have to find the items, you find one and it doesn't check it off. You have to make your own list or remember what you found and what you didnt find. Not very exciting to play.
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