The Rainbow Machine 

 The Rainbow Machine
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The Rainbow Machine Stats
  • Puzzle your way through 140 physics challenges by bouncing on marshmallows, breaking bricks, avoiding saws and monsters, bouncing off moving platforms and oranges, sliding ice blocks, and other creative actions.
  • Recover and collect 16 pieces and parts of the Rainbow Machine.
  • Follow the story and encounter the mischievous Klepto Rats at the end of each stage.
  • Collect coins to buy objects and enhancements that help you overcome the difficulties of each puzzle.

Game Description

Tobi is on a mission to recover the Rainbow Machine from the pesky Klepto Rats in a clever physics strategy game called The Rainbow Machine. The Big Boss and his henchmen have stolen the Rainbow Machine, dismantled it and hidden the various parts and pieces in different islands.

In this strategy adventure, you'll use bouncing marshmallows, hairdryers, moving platforms, sliding ice blocks, and more to open treasure boxes and gather the parts and pieces. The Big Boss will try to stop you at every level, making your challenge more trying. With your tactical use of objects and enhancements, you deploy the blue sphere in just the right way to unlock each treasure box.

Travel to the islands, collect the pieces, and recover the Rainbow Machine when you try the free trial version of The Rainbow Machine or download the full-unlimited version today!
Genre:  Strategy