The Mystery of the Mary Celeste
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  • Windows 2000 / Windows 7 / Windows XP / Windows 8
  • 800 MHz Pentium 3 or equivalent
  • 512 MB Ram
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The Mystery of the Mary Celeste 

Unravel one of history’s biggest unsolved riddles in The Mystery of the Mary Celeste, a haunting hidden object adventure that explores the real-life theories behind the famously doomed ship.

The Mary Celeste was a merchant ship discovered in 1872 abandoned at sea. The ship was still under full sail, with most of its supplies intact, yet completely unmanned. Many theories exist as to what could have happened to her crew yet the truth remains that none of them, or the passengers, were ever heard from again.

Ancestor to the person who found the ill-fated ship, you are Mary Morehouse who joins guests and crew aboard the Mary Celeste II on its maiden voyage. Shortly after the boat departs, odd events begin to happen that have Mary wondering if she is headed for a similar outcome. Is it possible that the amulet given to her by her grandfather might have something to do with these strange and disturbing occurrences?

Try the free download version or play the full unlimited version of The Mystery of the Mary Celeste and find the answers before it’s too late!

  • A ghostly adventure tale of survival
  • Explore the real-life theories behind the mystery
  • Find items to save both ships from disaster
  • Solve different puzzles to find a way out
  • Eerie atmosphere immerses you
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Reviews of The Mystery of the Mary Celeste
 | Added on: August 31, 2009
It was not the longest game I have played, however it was very interesting and had a great ending. Hope you all enjoy it!!!
 | Added on: September 11, 2009
What a super story and what an ending. I won't spoil the surprise. Graphics were great and the puzzles varied with just the right amount of things to find. A super game!
 | Added on: August 31, 2009
This game looked interesting enough, but was very time consuming in the fact you had to click on too many things, all the time. The pages also took long to load and the dialogue screen at the top was beyond annoying. It wouldn't let you figure things out for yourself and constantly had to be clicked on to go away!
 | Added on: February 2, 2010
I had lots of fun roaming around the ship finding objects (lots of them!). I can't explain what goes on in the storyline (especially the ending), as that would spoil the whole game for those that want something new and original. Let's just say there is a mystery, but it's not a typical mystery. I found myself thinking like the lead character and wanted to find out what was happening aboard ship .... and where everyone disappeared to (okay, there's a hint about the storyline). The ending surprised me as much as it did the lead character ....... To find out more, you need to play it! A must have for any game collection.
 | Added on: December 20, 2010
The Mary Celeste is a beautiful ship made so by the great graphics. The items to seek and find are not difficult to locate but it does require one to view the object to be found and remember its shape. No penalty for mis-clicks so have at it. In a HOG like this one, one can look around the scene and figure out many objects that need to be found with out looking at what is to be found in the list, in this game the images make up the list. Agree with at least one previous reviewer the chatter is a little over done and as well it is repeated in the log. If you want an easier HOG that lets you kick back and have at it this game allows just that. Kids I am sure would enjoy fiddling with this game. Enjoy!
 | Added on: July 12, 2010
I'm not even interested in how this one ends. While the graphics are good, the music soon becomes irritating. There is far too much dialogue, and too much of it is repititious. Most of the picture clues are so tiny that I started clicking around on items before I ever looked at the clues (no penalty for too much clicking), then looked to see what I had picked up.
 | Added on: March 18, 2010
Dont read if you don't like spoilers. Okay it was a fun game although a little redundant because you end up going to the same rooms about 3 times or so. The game leaves you having to figure out for yourself what happenned at the end. If you are easily creeped out don't play this game. Basically a girl named Mary boards the Mary Celest 2 and as soon as they leave dock everyone dissapears, she has a strange pendant that has been passed down through her family. She eventually finds out that the captain of the old Mary celest was over thrown by his crew and his daughter was tossed over board during a storm. He ends up on an island talking with a native about how to save his daughter. The native gives him a pendant(the same one mary has) and says ok you daughter will live but your family will be cursed with this pendant forever, and to never lose the pendant. It goes back to Mary who somehow is constantly losing the pendant through out the game and things on the ship keep breaking keeping her from being able to get off the ship. At some point in the game you find out that if the pendant is lost then horrible things happen. She doesn't know for herself if the pendant is a curse or a good luck charm. Towards the end she finally contacts the coast guard and they pin point her location. The last thing you do as Mary is throw the pendant in the ocean because she thinks its a curse and never wants to see it again(this obviously was not a good idea). It then flashes to the coast guard who is searching the boat and the coast guard finds NO ONE. Not even Mary. Obviously Mary is going to be lost forever. If she only didn't throw away the pendant before the coast guard got to her.
 | Added on: February 26, 2010
I totally agree with the reviewer who mentioned the dialogue being annoying. Instead of letting you find objects and solve puzzles on your own, the dialogue breaks in after every other object or so, and it must be clicked to continue. I have a large computer screen so it really interrupted the game constantly having to click the dialogue at the top, and it took away from any interest I had in the storyline. I like the "find objects and use them to solve puzzles" premise, and the storyline may have been interesting, but there was just too much interruption to keep me in the game. I got so tired of it so quickly that I deleted the game after one sitting.
 | Added on: August 19, 2013
Played the full version of the game since it looked spooky and had a few good reviews. I wasn't impressed with the ending (won't elaborate...). Game play itself was standard HOG. Too many other better games of this genre to spend time on this one.
 | Added on: April 27, 2012
This game was enjoyable. Very nice to have relaxed mode available. Interesting scenes, some mini games, and puzzles to keep it interesting. Over all a good quality game.
 | Added on: March 1, 2010
I'm not one for storylines but I actually enjoyed this one, although I didn't like having to hit the Close button at the top of the screen after reading the dialogue. I typically dislike easier games but this one kept my interest. I used 4 hits from start to finish and in areas where the scenes were dark. Liked the puzzles. A bit short but overall enjoyable. Disliked the ending; not what I was expecting.
 | Added on: June 11, 2013
I would recommend this game for beginning HOG players as well as kids. The graphics were clear and over all objects were not that hard to find. The mini cames allowed you to auto solve. It could have been made a bit shorter. New players to HOG will like it to gain experience. Experienced players may become bored too easily. Ending seemed like an open door to continue.
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