The Great Pharaoh 

 The Great Pharaoh
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The Great Pharaoh Stats
  • Collect gold from ancient tombs in this entertaining Match 3 challenge.
  • Restore the Temple of Anubis, the Great Pyramids, the giant Obelisk and more.
  • Watch out for mummies and their curse as they steal gold and freeze blocks.
  • Rush to clear 40 levels before time is up.
  • See the megalithic structures take shape before your eyes.

Game Description

Restore the grandeur of ancient Egyptian temples in The Great Pharaoh, a fast-paced matching challenge.

Legend says that in the abandoned temples of the City of the Dead, the treasury of Egypt's ancient rulers is kept hidden. Priests put the gold into magical blocks guarded by those who were gone for eternity. Only The Great Pharaoh can take back the gold, and with the magnificence of the ancient structures in disrepair, the time has come to unlock these treasures.

Match the magical blocks to collect the hidden gold and use it to rebuild the ancient city. Restore the Temple of Anubis, the Great Pyramids, the giant Obelisk and more in 40 fantastic levels. Swap the blocks to make a match but watch out for the mummies and their curse! If you're not careful, they can steal your gold and freeze blocks. Hurry because the tombs with gold will not stay open forever!

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Genre:  Match 3