The Fog
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The Fog 

Bravely follow the unfolding of a peculiar storyline to collect clues, solve an eerie mystery, and find your missing daughter in The Fog, a creepy hidden object adventure. It's not the fog that's dangerous. It's what lurks there that's evil.

On a rainy night, Susan and her daughter Rachel are on a road trip that leads them into unexpected territory. A cloaked figure drags spikes across the dark highway, causing Susan's car to crash. When Susan comes to, Rachel is missing. Searching for her own daughter, Susan discovers details of another family's tragedy. Are these incidents related?

Unravel the captivating mystery when you try the free trial version or download the full-unlimited version of The Fog today!

  • Follow the unfolding of a captivating storyline.
  • Overcome cleverly designed mini-games and puzzles.
  • Resourcefully put together items to gain access to more clues and useful objects.
  • Search through detailed, macabre hidden object scenes.
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Reviews of The Fog
 | Added on: December 10, 2013
This game is all over the map. I completely agree with another reviewer who said there is no flow or logic to this game. If it hadn't been for the hint button, I would not have had the first idea of where to go next. The story line is not too bad--you have an accident, and when you wake up your daughter is gone, and you must find her. You wander to this abandoned house and piece together a tragedy that directs you toward secret military experiments. The provided map is pretty worthless. It does tell you where there are tasks left to be completed, but you can't go to a scene by clicking on the map, so there is quite a bit of back and forth. Additionally, most of the scenes were in sepia tones; rather dull. I guess because the house and everything else was a wreck the developers decided there shouldn't be any color. I thought the lack of color took away from the game somewhat. Your journal does provide some hints, but not many. The mini games did not have a lot of instruction, but for the most part were not difficult. When you finally slog your way to the end, you're pretty much left unsatisfied by the abrupt ending. This game had a lot of potential that in my opinion was not fulfilled. Certainly not what I've come to expect from Alawar. Very disappointing. And definitely not for younger children.
 | Added on: December 23, 2013
The map was useless. Too much jumping here and there. Finished the game because I was on a mission. Not good.
 | Added on: December 10, 2013
I think its a good game. I found it was a little more clicky and really slow paced. I love the concept of the game. just wish it was a challenge to play it. I beat the game in about 2 hours. I think should there should have been more of a story line. i did not find much information on the story in the game. the puzzles were way to easy and the whole game was basically easy. I would recommend for a quick game play but would not recommend for the hard core hidden object players like myself. I wish they made more challenging games. With every new one they seem, to be getting easier and easier. i think it may be time to finds a diffreernt style of game.
 | Added on: December 9, 2013
You're traveling with your child and stop for a hamburger at a diner. When you get back on the highway, you blow a tire and your car spins and crashes. When you wake up, there is blood on the steering wheel and you're somewhat foggy. But you push on, because your daughter is not in the car and she is missing, so you stumble out of the car and go searching for her. You find a house that has been abandoned, and you find a way to get in, even though you know your daughter is not there. You need to find clues. So starts your adventure! And it's a great adventure, wonderful graphics, neat puzzle/mini games. This game is wonderful to play! One of the best ones on Gamehouse! I haven't seen this game on any of the game sites including Alawar's. The game has a good number of hidden object scenes and follows a sequence, so it's not too hard. There is alot of back and forth until you unlock the next scene. It is truly enjoyable, though extremely creepy. Which is a good thing right?! I haven't finished it, but I bought it. I want to find out what happened to the family that lived there before the military evacuation, and I want to know what happened to their little girl and where is her soul now? And maybe that would help me to find my missing daughter! This is a very immersive and impressive game. I highly recommend it. I could not add my favorite games that I recommend, so I thought I'd list them here. I love the Dark Angels game and Legacy Tales - Mercy of the Gallows. These are really awesome hidden object adventures!
 | Added on: December 17, 2013
It was only through persistence that I completed this game....and what a let down the ending was! In my opinion it lacked a more organized flow. It didn't hold my interest for any length of time so it took awhile for me to get through. I enjoyed the HOs but that is about it and won't be playing again. If you have Fun Pass give it a go. Otherwise I would suggest trying free trial before purchasing.
 | Added on: March 7, 2014
I thought this had a good creepy storyline - definitely not for kids. Lots of blood smeared everywhere. Kind of gross. The HO scenes were very clear and nicely done - they were very easy to complete. You used objects to get 2 objects on the list - for example, the list would have camera lens and camera. You pick up the lens, put it on the camera and then you get the lens and the camera. The graphics were just ok in the cut scenes but very good in gameplay. The puzzles were just right for me - I could actually complete them without skipping! I'm not that great at puzzles. :) Sometimes it was not clear what to do - you would see the gear and know you had to do something but it wasn't consistent with giving you a hint as to what you needed to do there. Sometimes it would say something - other times it said nothing. The hint button was great, refilled super quick and was a big help in this game. Overall, a really good game.
 | Added on: December 7, 2013
This game starts the way many do - mother loses child in mysterious circumstances then overcomes all obstacles to get her back to safety... The trouble with this game is there's no logic to it, no natural flow, and I had to use the hint button mostly all of the time (which happily refills very quickly!) The art work is great, so the HOs aren't that dificult to find, and I liked that you sometimes had to find one item to use on another = 2 - nice touch. I also liked to background sound - can't really call it music as such, but it's very atmospheric. I've only given it 2 stars because the gameplay was so bitty and because the ending... ended! Overall, a disappointment for me, but it's worth a try, you may love it.
 | Added on: December 10, 2013
This game was good couple of hours spent but **SPOILER** it ends abruptly. No explanation as to what happened or what. Maybe there's a 2nd coming, though I can't see how?? It was a bit graphic, in the sense of lots of bloody body parts and stuff. MOst of the puzzle games were fun and not too hard, but I did have to skip a few. The hint button was utilized a lot only because some things were difficult to see as the graphics are a bit dark. There is map (yay) but you can't jump from place to place so you have to go back and back to go side to go up, etc to get where you need to be to get one thing only to have to go back to where you were at. Overall, I had a fun couiple of hours.
 | Added on: March 25, 2014
I don't know why people have to let us know how fast they finished a game - 2hrs, 3 hrs, etc. I sometimes feel like this is Beat the Clock. Sorry, but when I play, I play to take my time and enjoy. I don't have the time to play a game all in one sitting, nor do I want to. I like the element of suspense! That said, I think this was a very good game. One of the other reviewers gave a good desciption of the story line and it proved very interesting. I thought the graphics were very well done. They depicted the scene of an area that had been devastated by a military experiment gone wrong; it was desolate, sometimes dark, and very bloody. If you missed that part in the journal, the soldiers were hallucinating and began killing each other. I thought the Journal gave alot of information as to what was going on and even the character references let you know about the parents and little girl's states of mind. I agree the map really wasn't that great. I relied on the hint button to tell me where I had to go, because there were alot of areas that you had to back track. But the hint button refilled quickly. The HO scenes were pretty easy. I like having to put togwther two parts to find one object. The mini-games were ok. Some I found to be a little dificult because the directions just didn't seem to give enough information. I did skip over several. I too was surprised by the ending. This is not a spoiler alert, but when you come to the end think about one word - "medicine". I like, some of the other reviewers think that maybe there will be a sequel to this game. I think that would be great! I think Alawar has given us another great game and I would highly recommend it; although I don't think it's suitable for kids under 16.
 | Added on: December 10, 2013
Alawar games are usually worth playing and this one is no exception. The story is good, graphics nice, music appropriately atmospheric. Hint system quick. There is a journal that records information you need, a map that doesn't transport you, but does tell you where you need to go to use inventory items and further gameplay. I have found in a lot of games that the journal and map will often tie things together and help you determine where you need to be if you get lost or confused. Hidden objects scenes are clear and have some interactive items and you acquire 2 to 3 items for use each time. Mini games are interesting and some unique. This is definitely a thinking game and a satisfactory one in my book. The only small gripe of note on my part is the end was short, but the game as a whole was more than enjoyable. If you are up for TM games an awesome Alawar game is Moai-Build Your Dream.
 | Added on: December 26, 2013
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